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Performer Of The Year (9.25" Flesh)
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Our sprays have exactly what you need to have a better and more fulfilling sex life. Whether male or female, gay or straight, our sex sprays will turn you into the sex god you have always wanted. Delay sprays for men, deep throat sprays for women, plus much more.

Top 10 Best Selling Sprays For Today

Gems (Pink Diamond) Soft Jelly - Open Pussy (Flesh) Wet Stuff Lite - Tube (90g) Pirate 93 Dicky Sipping Straws (Flesh) BNAUGHTY - Deluxe (Deep Rose) Peter Party Cake Pan - Large Indulgence Collection Private 198 Diamond Silk (Pink)
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Indian God
Indian God Lotion is a delay spray for men that will have you lasting much longer in bed! A few small sprays will slightly desensitize the penis so the urge to climax isn't as great. Last lo..
RRP: $34.95 $29.99
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Magnet For Women
Magnet For Women, the original attractan in Women desire. Worn by female's to attract male's, this unique blend of pheromones is desinged by chemists to produce the ultimate in sexual desire..
RRP: $19.95 $17.99
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Enjoy new sensations with a sex spray

We have a vast array of different sprays for use in the bathroom that can turn you into a sex God or Goddess and greatly enhance your ability to perform as well as the sensation and experience that you receive. These sprays utilize a range of chemicals and hormones designed to give you 'superpowers' in the bedroom and perform Herculean feats that will leave your partner gasping.

For instance, for those who want to give their partner a deep throat blow job, desensitizing sprays can remove the discomfort and help you last longer. This is a great way to make a guy's dreams come true and give him a night he won't forget. We also have anal desensitizing sprays that do the same thing but at the other end.

For the power of seduction meanwhile we have numerous perfumes and body sprays that contain pheromones capable of making your partner wild for you without even knowing why (these are great for dates too).

Then we have tightening sprays for creating 'first time' experiences every time and even aphrodisiacs. Take a look at what we have to offer, because you'll find that these products can do wonders for you in the bedroom.