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Tingling Lubricants

Tingling lubricants are great for those wanting something different during sex. When a small amount is applied to you or your lover, it delivers orgasmic tingling sensations that can significantly enhance your sexual experience. Great for achieving an unreal orgasm.

Top 10 Best Selling Tingling Lubricants For Today

Blow Pop (Blue) Rodox 92 Private 213 Pink Pecker Party Whistle Necklace Oscillating Duo Balls (Lavender) Bursts Lubricant - Anal (118ml) Pirate 93 Private 191 Clean Vibe (125ml) Erection Commander 37mm (Pink)
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Bursts Lubricant - Tingling (118ml)
4 fl. oz. pop-top bottle Tingling, glycerin free, water-based lubricant with vitamin enriched beads that burst on contact Beads enriched with vitamins A, B5, C and E Aloe and chamomile in..
RRP: $24.95 $19.99
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Fusion- His + Hers (110ml)
Fusion lubricant offers an amazing experience for both partners, unique alone, incredible together. Warming for one, tingling for the other, they make a great combination when they come toge..
RRP: $24.95 $19.99
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Wet Stuff Peppermint Tingle - Tube (100g)
Wet Stuff Peppermint Tingle is a long lasting very tasty personal lubricant that will put a delicious tingle into your love life. It has a texture that will be a delight for your favourite l..
RRP: $14.95 $9.99
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Play - 2in1 Stimulating (200ml)
Warm some Durex Play 2in1 massage gel in your palms and enjoy the sensations of sensual massage. The smooth, long lasting formulation allows your hands to glide effortlessly across the skin ..
RRP: $24.95 $17.99
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Try tingling lubes for exciting sensations

Try our tingling lubricants for a range of different and uniquely enjoyable sensations that can enhance any erotically charged evening.

Lubricants are great for improving sex by reducing friction and adding to your stimulation. At the same time they are perfect for massage and it's highly erotic to see your partner's body glistening in the light – wet and waiting. With tingling lubricants you can add a little something extra to your lubricated play by setting your nerve ends alight with delight. By using these lubricants you can get your entire body to come alive with a tingling sensation that will increase the impact of every single touch and brush. When you get tingling lubricants on your penis or clit you'll really feel them work!

What's great about tingling lubricants is that they work perfectly with our range of other products. If you want to get the very most out of a dildo, a vibrator, a masturbator or anything else, then apply some tingling lubricant and go to work. That's the great thing about our products – you can mix and match to your heart's content to create a completely unique experience.

All of our tingling lubricants are completely safe for use around the body and we have a wide variety of different intensities and sensations to try. Read our Guide to lubricants and discover more about our wondeful lubes.