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What are you picturing?  A lonely middle aged lady reading a Mills and Boon novel? A young man reading up on heavy porn? Well adult books are that and so much more. Some of the adult books stocked at our online adult shop are also guides and information. You will find guides on romance, on sexual positions, on sexual meanings and some on massage. They are adult and sexual in nature but not a love story or erotic novel as such. Want to know about our best sellers? Read on…

Firstly if you would like to learn how to add some romance into your relationship then try The Romantic Lover by Susan Quilliam. Passion may provide the initial impulse for a strong physical relationship, but it is romance that will keep it alive. Romance should underpin everything we do in life. A morning wake-up kiss, intimate text messages and snatched telephone calls, lunchtime emails, an evening walk, dinner curled up on the sofa together: these can lead gently and naturally into wonderful sex and a night spent asleep in each other`s arms. But sex itself can also be intensely romantic. A loving massage. Endless kisses and tongue play. Simply gazing into each other`s eyes. Gentle and long-lasting intercourse. And romance need not always be gentle - romantic behaviour can even be startling, exciting and unexpected. However, underpinning every truly successful relationship will be secure feelings of romance; the fact that two people not only love each other, but are willing to say so, that they are not only willing to say it, but also to show it.

Adult books to stimulate your body and mind

Would you like to become more sensual, relax your partner with touch or treat him/her to an amazing erotic massage? Then we have some really great guides for you. Erotic Passions is a guide to orgasmic massage, sensual bathing, oral pleasuring and ancient sexual positions. It is an easy read but an in depth guide to helping you with all aspects of your erotic passion experiences. Another great adult book is the Sensual Massage book, which gives insight on the age old art of massage to combine loving tenderness, refreshing relaxation, and healthful therapeutic benefits and it is all shown as a step by step guide with hundreds of photos. Something for him is the Male Erotic Massage book that is a step-by-step massage guide with over 200 instructional and artistic black and white photographs of male-to-male massage. Male Erotic Massage reveals both the how-to and the beauty of the male body embracing the male body. The strength, joy, gentleness, ardency, tenderness, equanimity, pleasure are all a part. Whether he be friend, family, lover, or stranger, your gift of massage can open new doors.

If you are after advice on sexual arousal, positions and relationships then here at The Better Sex Shop we have a variety of useful adult books for you. Start with Sexploration: Welcome To The Pleasure Zone. It is a handy guide that offers advice, hints, tips and inspiration - both verbal and visual - on improving and enhancing sexual experiences. This book covers various topics on improving your sex life, from the art of kissing, to dressing to entice and excite, to exploring new positions and novel venues. Read and learn with The New Guide To Sexual Fulfillment which serves as a responsible yet tasteful guidebook to questions about safe sex which have emerged in our modern world. Over 100 pages are devoted to step-by-step sequences covering every aspect of sexuality and sexual activity, including creating the right environment, arousal, sexual techniques, and identifying and satisfying desires. Fully illustrated, it is the perfect book for all new lovers, as well as those who wish to relight the fires of intimacy.

For ideas on keeping the relationship and sex intimate and enjoyable our Best Ever Illustrated Sex Handbook is a must. It has been developed by experts to provide the support you may need if experiencing relationship or sexual problems, or want to rediscover the passion and sensuality you enjoyed when first together. Here you will find some fantastic ideas for spicing up your love life - whatever the age of your relationship, from the first flush of spring to the golden years of a long partnership.

Adult book shop Australia

Wanting to explore and explain your innermost sexual fantasies? Then Sexual Fantasies the Book is worth your time, as it is an adult book on the ultimate journey into the secret world of erotic dreams and sexual desires. This book opens a private sensual window into the world of erotica, it’s the ultimate aphrodisiac and creates sexual arousal and stimulation. Sexual Fantasies are the erotic impulses that help men and women communicate their real and personal sexual desires. By exploring your secret dreams and urges you release all inhibitions and achieve an exotic, erotic, fulfilling and heightened sex life. This book is exclusively illustrated with hundreds of revealing photos, many in eroti-colour. Dip in and read Acts Of Love, an illustrated exploration of how many new devices and methods are changing the ways in which couples can enjoy safer and better sex and get the ultimate in complete sexual gratification and fulfilment.

Looking for the ultimate adult book about fun, risky and electric sexual positions? Then the Car-ma Sutra book is for you. Called the ‘glove box guide for lovers’ this book is for all you car lovers, people without a place to be or simply adventurists, it is a must-have first-ever manual of sex positions for in-car entertainment. It is fully illustrated and packed with practical, helpful and even model-specific advice on how to use your car in different ways than automakers intended. It is a glove-compartment-sized guide so keep it there in case the opportunity awaits. Just be careful to hide it when you drive your mother to the church on Sunday. Dad is no problem, he will probably high-five you if he finds it.

If you would like to look at quality erotic photographs in a quality book then here at The Better Sex Shop we have you covered. The book Heatwave is photographed by three renowned photographers, each with a master of erotic photography in his own right. These photographers were commissioned to produce the magnificent collection of photographs that appears in the pages of this book. Their collaboration resulted in stunning and erotic images of shining, glowing bodies, oiled to protect them from the exotic locations including the beaches and landscapes of Spain and Portugal, Mexico, California and Arizona. The sun-tanned bodies are here for you to enjoy, but have a cooling drink handy - you don’t want to burn your imagination.

Looking for some real stimulation? View and enjoy the hard cover book Private Parts. This book is a no-frills pictorial excursion into the world of sex and is a real eye-opener. Page after page of colour photographs leave nothing to the imagination, satisfying the voyeuristic element that exists in all of us. In the best tradition of Scandinavain candor, Private Parts puts pictures to what previously existed in your wildest dreams. Have a bit of sexual fun reading our adult book called Showing Off, which is an A4 hard cover book dedicated to those who take pleasure in looking, i.e. almost to everybody. Hundreds of pictures of female bodies are displayed, some shamelessly, for the pleasure of the eyes. Glossy flesh and paper for the most intriguing game: seduction.

Adult books to give you better sex

For pictures and a lot of ideas, one of our favourite adult books, The Pictorial Guide To Tantric Sex Positions, is going to have you performing some really erotic sexual acts. This adult book takes you through the ancient techniques and rituals that enhance sexual pleasure. It’s an erotic journey towards self discovery, mind and body exploration. The explicit imagery and 85 full coloured photos will show you exactly how it’s done. It is recommended for those who practice yoga. A beautiful guide to tantric yoga, an ancient system of yoga designed to elevate sexual energies and awareness of lovers.

If fetish gets you going then so will Private with Trevor Watson Hardback Private Media book containing fetish photography by Trevor Watson. This book is about kinky, saucy, fetish fun, not for the light hearted but for the keen enthusiast. The amazing quality photos will surely ignite those fetish feelings inside you!

Here at The Better Sex Shop you will find quite the collection of adult books that will stimulate your body and mind like never before. Each and every adult book, and every product for that matter, is delivered in a safe, discreet manner to any address in Australia. You can unleash your sexual desires without anyone ever finding out! With our range of adult books ever expanding, you are sure to find a selection of products you will love to read.

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