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Adult Games

What are adult games? Well just that, games for adults. These games vary from cards to dice, from inflatable toys to board games, all with one thing in mind, sexy times! If you are having a Hens or Bucks night, going on a sexy holiday, want to spice up your sex life or just after a fun valentines or birthday gift for that special someone, then our range of adult games might be perfect for you.

Firstly there is the novelty ring toss, like the old horse shoe on the stick, the aim is to get as many rings as you can over the penis! Here at  The Better Sex Shop you will find a few versions of this game from the standard ‘Pecker Ring Toss’ to the ‘Glow In The Dark Pecker Ring Toss’ to the ‘Light Up Pecker Ring Toss’ and even a ‘Strap On Pecker Ring Toss’, where one of your unassuming guests gets to Velcro on a giant penis for people to try and throw rings onto! You will be laughing in your seat! If that takes your fancy, then perhaps try the Midget Man Inflatable Ring Toss where you can toss rings onto the blow up midgets teeny tiny penis.

A good old faithful adult party game is the piñata, but with a difference, this piñata is penis shaped, so have fun whacking it out! Pair that up with a naughty form of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ called Pin The Macho On The Man, where you try to pin the hilarious cartoon penises on the man whilst blindfolded. We also sell another version of this game, the very funny Pin The Widget On The Midget. Pin a penis on the midget whilst blindfolded, it is utterly side stitch funny.

The best adult party games

Also for group parties is the Pecker Shot Glass Spinner, where you spin the arrow and whomever it lands on must take a shot – but in the bottom of the shot glass is a dicky surprise! For the fun lovers try Pucker Up, which is again a spin the arrow game to act out amusing dares, tell naughty truths and knock back your favourite drinks as you challenge party goers to participate in outrageously entertaining antics. Play nice and pucker up! Light up the night with the Flashing Party Dice, simply activate the dice by bouncing it on a hard surface and then take turns rolling it to land on hilarious dares that will have you dancing, drinking and laughing all night long.

Fancy a good game of ‘truth or dare’? Then pop these coasters under your guests drinks, with 32 different activities to perform they are a real party starter and a great laugh too.  Want another version of ‘truth or dare’? Then this centrepiece with a spinning arrow is sure to get you going, with 32 unique activities and dares it will not only set the theme but also provide hysterical and outrageous entertainment for your party. The double wheeled Pasties Party Game is another ‘truth and dare’ style of game where you spin one arrow and then the other to find out what funny, naughty or sexy truth you must uncover!

Parties aside, here at The Better Sex Shop we stock a sexy range of kinky games to spice up your sex life or just add some flirty fun. The simplest and smallest games are the dice games where the idea is to roll the dice and act out the naughty direction it lands on. There are specific dice games for specific things such as Kitty-Play which brings out the animal in you whilst you foreplay your way to kitty heaven, guaranteed to make you purr! Or try the Fetish Play dice, where each roll of the dice has you being tickled, whipped, paddled, tied up or punished. It is a great way to act out your deviant fantasies. Something for him is the Willy-Play. The dice tell you the place on his cock and what to do when you are there, so foreplay your way to some rock hard fun. If boobies are your thing then try the Booby-Play dice, which once again tell you where and what you need to be doing to make her groan with pleasure. Add to this dice collection the Oral Sex dice, where you need to lick your way to lady luck. Our selection of dice also includes the very naughty purple Paradice which at any roll can have you sexing it up all over the house in many positions. Our range of dice might be the simplest of adult games available at our online sex shop, but definitely some of the funnest!

Our adult games are great for couples to use

If you like to keep your aces up your sleeve then our generous range of card style erotic adult games might win you the jackpot. Our range includes the Super Sex Game, Bedroom Blackjack, Think Sex, OHgasm, Get Kinky, Sex Scenarios, Sexual Role Play, Private Pleasures, The Bedroom Game and Bound By Love. All these games are a variety of cards (usually on a particular sexual theme) with instructions, body parts and positions on them. Each partner usually takes turns flipping a card and performing some erotic and sometimes kinky pleasures.

You will also find a selection of games of chance, where you spin the arrow and act out the sexual desire that it happens to land on. Our most popular ‘wheel of sexual fortune’ style games are the Bedroom Book, Getting Naked, Luv At First Bite and the Bedroom Bondage Book. What does your sexual fortune have in store today?

When shopping online at our adult store you will find a range of adult board games that are great for any occasion. Our most widely sold board game is the Sex Speedway, where lovers race around the speedway performing foreplay activities and collecting winner/trophy cards in an effort to be the first driver to reach the finish line, where sexual fulfilment awaits! Another one of our favourites is the fun Foreplay In A Row (like connect four but naughtier). With blue chips for him and pink for her, you need to get four in a row to win a sexual favour. Another great product is the Mile High Club board game, where players race through the rows of the plane, performing foreplay activities off the pickup cards. The first player to reach the infamous “Mile High Club” wins erotic sexual fulfilment.

Sex games, drinking games, party games and more!

If adult board games are your thing, come on a trip to Pleasure Island, where players move their token along the board through a tropical island full of romance and passion. Each square on the board holds its own adventure. As your token lands on a square you must perform the sexual act listed, if you land on either the Pleasure Chest or Prisoner of Love you must draw a card from the pile and perform the naughty activity listed.

On a different game level the board game Monogamy is described by the press as “the sexy board game that’s jazzing up playtime for couples nationwide”. Monogamy is a naughty board game for two that will revolutionise your relationship and take it to another level. With three progressively steamy levels and over 390 ideas and actions, no game will ever be the same! Another great adult game is Nooki, the grown up game for playful couples. It is a cards based game that will have you pleasuring and playing with your partner from the specially scripted Nooki cards with 3 saucy levels of fun. Another great find is our fun board game F.U.C.K, the game which is a bright and bold board game for 2 to 4 players that makes you move around the board with the help of a spinning arrow. You may just be having sexy fun in no time at all!

Our selection of adult games will give you sensual, kinky, erotic and orgasmic fun. Great for playing with some friends and even better for playing with your lover. With our range of adult games constantly expanding, you are sure to find some you'll love.

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