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Adult Novelties

Having a bucks or hens night? Want to have a bit of fun on your honeymoon or holiday? Or just want to add a little bit of bedroom fun? Here at The Better Sex Shop we have a treasure trove of adult novelties that are guaranteed to make you smile. With loads of party goods and funny gifts, come along and have a laugh shopping for that special occasion. 

Novelties are a range of items that are funny and great for a party. Hens’ night novelties are really popular and great for a laugh. Get the whole set up from one shop! Start with our foil penis balloons (3 pack) for table decoration, add to that Wild Willies Party Plates with cartoon penises on them, with matching Wild Willie Party Cups and perhaps also Wild Willie Party Napkins too! We also have a fun filled centre piece that doubles as a party game where you can spin the wheel and have a laugh. Add some Pecker Shot Glasses (6 pack) and create some memorable shots.

Adult novelties for your next party

Is someone into baking? Make up some penis shaped cookies with our Pecker Cookie Cutter for some tasty treats. It’s not a party without a piñata, so fill it up with anything you desire, hang it up and watch some wacky fun with our Pecker Piñata. Novelty drinking straws in the shape of a penis are also available, you will find mini straws, bendable straws, glow in the dark straws and jumbo straws all in the shape of penises. Watch your guests suck on those and enjoy the laughs! Here at The Better Sex Shop we also stock table cloths with markers for guests to write a message and penis shaped decorations including a penis strand decoration and penis shaped balloons. Still setting up the party, we have soo much more! Penis Party Ware is penis shaped plastic cutlery that is sure to get some attention along with the Pecker Party Hats which are penis shaped party hats, it’s getting funnier by the minute. Add to that some penis confetti for the table or to throw around along with some penis shaped candles for the cake or table.

So the table and room are set up, what now? At our online novelty shop you will find a range of fun accessories for the Hen or Bride to be. Every Hen (and her friends) need a Hens Night sash, soft and silky with Bachelorette or Bridesmaid printed on them. Top off her outfit with a Pecker Boa which is a fluffy boa with penises on it, funny and cute! What about some hilarious Masquerade Masks with fluffy pink glasses with penises poking out of them. What a hoot! Grab a pack of Tiaras and Tooters for the girls to play up in. If they are too tame we have some great light up Dicky Devil Horns headbands too. Hang some pink ‘L’ plates off the Hen and add some Hens Night Garters too. Turn on the pink flashing light, make up some penis shaped ice cubes in our Blue Balls ice cube tray and let the party begin!

Hens and Bucks night novelties

Not sure what to do now? How about some funny games and party accessories (we have a dedicated Adult Games page but we will list some popular hens night ones here). Have some shots with the Shot Glass Set in pink with little penises in the bottom, or the Light Up Willie Surprise Shot glass that is a barrel of laughs. Pour a Martini Weenie in the Light Up Party Glass and sip the night away. Pour some more shots in the Pecker Shot Glass Spinner which has an arrow that you can spin around and make your guests partake and down some shots too. Add some fun accessories like the giant upright inflatable Pinky the Party Pecker, a great prop for photos, what will your guests do with pinky? What about the giant 6" Captain Peck the Party Wrestler which is a giant inflatable penis and nads.

Still looking for something to pass the night away? Try Kiss The Midget, which is a spin on the old ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. Just add the blindfold, apply some lipstick, spin yourself around and try to kiss the midgets penis (he is on the large paper poster on the wall). You and your guests will be in stitches playing this one! For some more quirky fun, try the Pecker Ring Toss where you toss rings over the penis and try to beat your competitors. Who will have the best throw?

Sounds funny enough but what is totally hilarious is the Midget Man Inflatable Ring Toss, where you blow up the midget man and try to throw the rings over his teenie tiny penis. For more blow up fun this one is going to have you and your guests giggling. The Dueling Dickies, which are strap on inflatable penises with Velcro harnesses that you have a type of sword fight with, can you imagine who will take the duel dare? Take your time to browse our range of hilarious adult novelties and also visit our adult games section to purchase the funniest and kinkiest Hens night accessories on the market today.

Australian adult novelty shop

For the Bachelor party there are inflatable blow up dolls, drinking games, and funny novelties like the Boobie party hats, which will make your guests look like a laughable giant boob. Have a game of Boobie Ball which is a silicone gridiron style football. Watch the guys spring into action over that one! Feeling like some outdoor fun still? Have fun with the Boobie Flyer which is a frizbee in the shape of well, boobies. Give him a Willie Weight Lift game for later – it’s a great little bit of fun with a set of tiny weights and a bar to work out his penis. Grab a Boobie Party Popper for later on in the night, and shower him with breasts.

Who’s cooking the barbie? Grab a Long Dong apron and have your guests in hysterics with this apron that boasts a long penis attached to the front, just make sure you don't burn the sausages! Add to the party with a Boobie Cake Tin and get a really funny cake created. Some fun novelties to add are the Stress Breast which is a soft squeezy breast shaped stress ball, or the Boobie Flasher which is a breast shaped flashing keyring. If you want some other fun products to make your night one to remember, head over to our love dolls section for blow up dolls in all shapes and sizes, or visit our adult games section for hilarious games to keep you up for hours.

Have a laugh and fit out that special adults party with our adult novelties. They will make your party one to remember. Our adult novelties are also perfect for a gift for someone with a cheek sense of humour.

Do our adult novelties sound like fun? Here is the link to take you directly to our adult novelties section: Adult Novelties