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Anal Sex Toys

Whether you are a man or a woman, anal sex toys can provide unbelievable pleasure to your sex life. They come in a variety of materials, sizes, and potential functions, and can be used in conjunction with vaginal sex, with anal sex or alone as the main event.

A butt plug is a sex toy that is designed for anal play. They often look similar to dildos, but they tend to be shorter and usually have an enlarged base to prevent the toy from being lost in the rectum. They are frequently ribbed, and many even have graduated balls with a t-shaped base to allow maximum pleasure and while maintaining complete control of the pace and depth. With over 90 options, choose a simple or unique design for general pleasure or to target a specific, toe-curling area. A slow and easy approach is needed, and don’t forget the lubricant!

Anal beads are toys often with graduated spheres or balls safely secured to a string. They are designed to provide pleasure as they are being pulled out, and are especially helpful in adding intensity during orgasm. Anal beads are commonly made of silicone, rubber, latex or glass, and end with a ring or similar handle designed for pulling. Some have extra features, such as vibration as weights move around in the toy’s balls. No batteries or motor needed! If a stronger vibration that you can control is what you desire, try the Plasma Illuminate Her – Strobing Duo Balls, which are great for anal or vaginal use.

Anal dildos in all shapes and sizes

Like vaginal dildos, anal dildos are use for insertion and often have ribbing or other additional stimulators, such as graduated balls. Some are designed especially to stimulate the P-spot, and some are designed to stimulate the entire rectum on the way to the P-spot. For rougher play, use a glass dildo. Thicker, bigger ribbing allows for more intense friction that will intensify your orgasms.

Anal vibrators can come in the form of a probe, butt plug or dildo. Some are cordless and have a motor, and some are cordless and function by the movement of the weights rolling around inside the spheres of the vibrator. If you are advanced in anal play, the Vibrating Ass Blaster is just what you need to take it to the next level. It features a tapered end and a quiet motor that provides intense vibrations. You can even choose from 7 pulsation settings with the push of a button, and the included medical-style ball pump to deeply fill you. There is also a suction cup base for use against a wall!

Anal wands are like dildos, and are ideal for male or female backdoor beginners. Remember, it is very important to go slow and use lots of lubricant! The anus does not have a self-lubricating system like the vagina, so a gentle technique and proper lubrication is essential to start out. Some come with circular expansion bulbs, which will help ease the use of the wand. Some of our wands are even inflatable, if you want to start slow and work your way up! If you need more intensity, we have vibrating options as well.

Our anal sex toys are great for men and women

The prostate can be stimulated through the anterior wall with anal sex and toys. It is very sensitive to stimulation and is a necessary area to induce ejaculation. For direct prostate stimulation, prostate massagers target this sensitive erogenous zone and bring you to an earth-shaking orgasm.

Since some of this play needs to be prepared for, we have a wide selection of anal douches and enemas. These can be used to clear out your colon before engaging in anal sex. But this can be pleasurable too! We have anal douche products that are designed to stimulate the rectum while providing the same service as a conventional douche.

If you are a man or a woman, anal sex toys are a great way to provide an extra zing to your sexual routine or to serve as the star of the show! Remember to prepare, be safe and clean your toys carefully.

Does the thought of our anal sex toys turn you on? Here is the link to take you directly to our anal toys section: Anal Toys