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The five senses of touch, taste, sight, smell and sound are things we use in our everyday lives, sometimes without even noticing. During intimate encounters touch can be the most important of the five. Touch is based on nerve receptors in the skin that send a type of electrical message through the central nervous system to the cerebral cortex in the brain, which interprets these electrical codes. These codes are intricately interpreted as hot, cold, pressure, light touch, pain and pleasurable touch. The skin has an outer layer called the epidermis and this has millions of nerve endings which respond to various stimuli. Our complex neural network sends these messages of stimuli in the blink of an eye for immediate interpretation.

Touch can be pleasant and it can be painful, but let’s look at the ‘pleasant’ type of touch! The penis has a large nerve that runs from deep inside near the tailbone right the way along to the tip, called the Dorsal nerve. This nerve along with the millions of nerves in the skin interpret sensations of touch on the penis and send the message to the brain. These penile nerves play an important role in achieving an erection. By touching and caressing the penis the nerves transmit and the brain interprets the stimulation as pleasurable and an erection is produced. By arousing the erect penis through touch, ejaculation and an orgasm can be reached.

Take away your sense of sight with a blindfold

The sensation of touch in the vagina is complex, there are millions of nerves in the skin but there are special nerves in the clitoris and inside the vagina. The clitoris has over 8000 nerve endings making it extremely sensitive to touch and stimulate. When done correctly, the messages sent when stimulated help a women achieve an orgasm. Inside the vagina are also nerves with the outer 1/3 of the vagina the most sensitive to touch especially near the opening.

There are also sexually stimulating nerves inside the anus called the inferior anal nerve. This nerve when stimulated on both sexes produces a heightened orgasm. The breast and the perineum (the soft skin between the anus and the sex organ) are also full of highly concentrated nerve endings which all respond to the stimuli of touch.

The tongue is not just for tasting, but it is a complex muscle with the most sensitive of nerves. This makes the tongue one of the most sensitive body parts. When kissing and licking the sensation is strongly interpreted by the brain.

Blindfolds and love masks are great for couples

The brain does however have a memory for certain touch and can even prepare for a response without the touch being made. For instance if you watched as someone was about to put an ice cube down your shirt, through visual stimulation you would already know that it ‘feels’ cold and the nerves brace themselves accordingly, without even being touched.

The sense of sight is such a powerful and important sense, but what happens when it is taken away or not there to start with? Through studies of blind peoples some interesting things have been learnt. Firstly in the blind the other senses are heightened, so taste, smell, hearing and importantly touch are all much more ‘switched on’.

So what does sight have to do with touch in the bedroom? The sensations described above through ‘touch’ are not just all to do with nerves, it’s also to do with sight. Arousal can happen though looking at something or someone. Just by looking at something, your brain sends electronic stimulus to the nerves thus exciting and arousing the sexual organs. By looking at your partner and watching them caress you, you can get aroused. But take away sight, what happens? By temporarily taking away sight by using a blindfold you heighten the sensations of touch and arousal. When watching your partner perform oral sex you are using both sight and touch, but take away sight and the touch becomes even more intense and arousing for most people. It is not just oral sex, but by blindfolding your partner you can touch them anywhere on the body and they will find it a whole new experience as they cannot interpret your touch using their sight. You can caress the whole body, use sex toys on different parts and kiss and suck, but because they can’t see it can make the sense of touch heightened and exciting.

Excite your sex life with a blindfold

Blindfolds are a very simple tool to inject some excitement and intimacy into your sex life. They are affordable, easy to use and can excite great pleasure. It’s still a good idea to check with your partner that they are happy and comfortable to use a blindfold as for some people the idea can be frightening. Blindfolds are not only easy to use but easy to pack on cheeky trips away. Blindfolds can also be referred to as ‘love masks’ too. They can be sold on their own or can be part of a kit. Blindfolds are an important fetish tool and are usually sold in a fetish kit.

At The Better Sex Shop we have your blindfold needs covered. You will find a selection available to buy online that will have you and your lover exploring bodies like never before. Each and every blindfold will be delivered discreetly to protect your privacy.

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