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Condoms are barrier methods usually made of latex, designed to prevent some STI’s and reduce unwanted pregnancies. Latex is designed to stretch far beyond capacity, but lubricant reduces friction and helps prevent breakage. For people with latex allergies, there are comparable synthetic options available in our store.

Types of Condoms

Textured condoms (studded, dotted or ribbed) can provide extra sensation for both parties, as the texture can be on the inside or the outside of the condom. These are usually lubricated already, but using extra lubricant is never a bad idea to reduce friction.

Condoms often come pre-lubricated for ease of use. If you are using a latex condom and your own lubricant, always use a water-based lubricant. Often, condoms contain lubricants with spermicide in them, which further helps lower the chance of unwanted pregnancy. You can buy a condom with spermicidal lubricant, with only spermicide or with only lubricant.

Ultra Thin condoms are a good alternative for those who feel that condoms are diminishing their sensitivity. They are extremely thin, but are not more likely to break than the conventional condom. They are designed to feel like you are not wearing one.

Condoms have become very advanced, and now can be equipped with mechanisms for extra stimulation or just for fun. We have a number of condoms that can be secured with a vibrating ring, giving direct clitoral stimulation. For some adventurous play in the dark, we even carry glow n’ the dark condoms!

Whether or not you are well endowed, you can find a condom that will suit your needs. We have small, medium, large and extra large options, which will provide the best fit for you and help prevent slippage and breakage. You are wearing the right size condom if it fits tightly around the base of your penis, but does not restrict blood-flow or cause discomfort. If you wear a condom that is too big or too small, you run the risk of breaking the condom if stretched too thin or having the condom fall off during sex.

To make condom use more of a pleasure than a pain, there are different colored and different flavored choices. Flavored condoms are great if you are switching between oral and penetrative sex, as they eliminate the need to stop your lovemaking to put on a condom in between acts.

Condom Use and Tips

You may think that condoms are pretty straight forward, but there are still some things to be cognizant of when preparing for sex. It is always good to have an idea of how to prevent emergency situations.

Condoms need to be rolled carefully from the top of the shaft all the way to the base. They should fit snuggly, but not too tight. They should basically run the length of the penis. If yours only go half or 3/4 of the way up your shaft, your condom is too small.

You can prevent breakage and slippage by wearing the right size condom, fitting it around the base, using ample amount of lubricant to prevent friction, and by never wearing two condoms. Friction can occur in between the condoms and they are much more likely to break.

Usually you will know if a break or tear occurs, as it will snap the condom apart. If a condom breaks or slips, withdrawal, remove the broken condom and replace it with a new one. After you ejaculate, it is very important to remove the condom properly to prevent breakage and slippage. When you are done, hold the base of the condom and slowly pull out to prevent anything from spilling out of the condom. If you are having sex with a woman, avoid losing your erection while still inside and wearing a condom. The penis dramatically changes sizes and this could result in the contents of the condom spilling.

Condom use is an important part of being a responsible, sexually active adult. They are a way to reduce the risk of STI’s and prevent pregnancy. Even though they are not always effective, they are more effective than withdrawal alone, and much more effective than having no barrier at all. Luckily, they can be a lot of fun, too! We have over 80 options, amongst which you will find vibrating, glow n’ the dark and flavored condoms. Being safe and having fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive!