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Dance Poles

Envision that sexy body sliding, swinging, grinding and swinging around a dance pole… now imagine if you could have your very own! Dance poles were once only for seedy strip clubs, but now they provide not only sexual stimulation, but a very gruelling work out. They boost general strength by using body weight as resistance, which tones the core (the abs) and the arms and legs. Now mums and dads can use their very own dance pole at home to achieve the same results, build muscle, increase stamina, increase body self-confidence and have some erotic fun. Home dance poles are normally made out of polished steel, chrome, brass, powder coated or titanium. Some are made out of acrylic glass with lights and glow effects.

There are some really great tips to know about pole dancing, where it’s been and where it’s heading! Firstly there is much more to pole dancing than sexy strippers. Worldwide there are pole dancing competitions with different style sections. There are contemporary pole dance sections that is also about dance moves on the floor as well as the pole, there is a pole fitness section that serious pole dancers, hard core fitness experts and ex-gymnasts tend to enter where the focus is more on the gymnastic style manoeuvres. Australia has a really innovative and reputable pole dancing following. There is no limit to the style and sexiness of Australian pole dancing, why not give it a go yourself.  The culture and ideas of pole dancing are changing, competitions are becoming mainstream with a focus on the more athletic side of dancing with clothing and costume rules, but the traditional sexy style will never get old fashioned!

Dance poles are great for fitness

If you’re a guy, don’t be discouraged, male pole dancing is quite the thing these days and has many health benefits. It’s sexy, athletic and the ladies love it! The guys can get just as good a workout pole dancing as a traditional gym workout. It benefits all the muscle groups and can also be quite sexy. Why not perform a routine in front of your lover? If you're lucky enough, she might perform one for you afterwards.

Pole dancing has many benefits and can be quite seductive and erotic. Start using simple manoeuvres and build up your strength. Before you know it sexy moves will come naturally. Remember to stretch well before you begin pole dancing and even start some gentle strength exercises in the weeks leading up to actually using a pole. You can search the internet and do online training and tips for beginner’s pole dancing, there may even be a class near you.

Setting up your new pole can include screwing them onto a joist in the ceiling and some just use tension to secure them to the ceiling and floor. Permanent, semi-permanent or removable? That is the question! A permanent pole is bolted or screwed (on at least on end) to the ceiling and/or floor. A semi-permanent pole is where the top and bottom is secured (screwed or bolted) to the ceiling and floor and the pole is removable. Removable or ‘portable’ poles require no screws or bolts and are held in place with ‘pressure mounts’. These pressure mounted poles stay in place by winding them up tight against the ceiling until they do not slide or move. Poles are built to handle heavy weight but accidents can happen, that’s why it’s really important to inspect your pole before each use to ensure that it’s secure. It is also important to buy a good quality dance pole made from strong materials and tried and tested! It’s also important to not overestimate your abilities so take it easy to start with.

Pole dancing is for men and women

Finishes of the pole differ as the metal and the material used is different. The most common poles are chrome or titanium. Whilst there are silicone and plastic poles, they tend to burn the skin when doing slides and swings which is one of the main reasons why the metal poles are favourites. Titanium comes in silver or gold finish and it provides excellent grip. It is great for manoeuvres like spins and drops as it is very sleek. Chrome is a common favourite and is a ‘norm’ in clubs and studios worldwide. The chemical makeup of your skin will determine (once you are into your pole dancing) what type of material your pole should be made out of (due to your sweat and skin tone). Stainless steel poles are another common favourite. They can feel slippery at first but once given a good run they will provide excellent or even superior grip.

You will find a selection of dance poles available to buy online at The Better Sex Shop. Swing, slide, spin and arouse your inner dancer. Let out your inner vixen and go wild!

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