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Whether you are looking for a discreet purse companion or a bold choice for an exciting, new experience alone or with your lover, buying a dildo is the perfect answer. Here at The Better Sex Shop we offer a wide range of dildos to satisfy any customer’s desire, fantasy or whim.

Dildos have been around for centuries, and are perhaps the oldest and most well-known sex toy. Despite losing popularity in recent years in favour of the vibrator, dildos have been revived as a lower maintenance alternative and as an irreplaceable member of your sex toy collection. Many of our dildos look like a real penis and you will find many with veined, textured shafts that you will simply love. Our dildos are better than a real cock as they are always there when you need them most!

Dildos are renowned for their ability to reach the G-spot and unleash a variety of orgasmic pleasures. If a G-spot orgasm is your goal, try a slightly curved dildo with a larger tip that will apply pressure on the G-spot as you thrust it. And that is only one way to experience waves of pleasure from a dildo! If you are interested in other stimulation that a dildo can provide, you are in luck. It is one of the most versatile sex toys, and we carry them in an astonishing array of colours, sizes, materials and potential functions. Explore over 200 dildos all ready to be wrapped discreetly and posted to your home or PO Box.

“Where do I start when buying a dildo?”

Your first question may be, “Where do I start when buying a dildo?” A good place to begin is to choose the material that you or your partner would find most pleasurable and practical. Rubber is the most common material used in dildos, as it is inexpensive and non-porous for easy cleaning. It does not break or tear easily, and provides enough flexibility to feel soft and realistic. If you are going to play rough, this would be a good option because of its durability. A more realistic feeling option is the dildo made of jelly, which will be even softer to the touch; these are more porous than rubber dildos and are harder to clean. They bend more easily, but both will bring you to that deep, toe-curling orgasm everybody dreams of.  

Another common material used in making dildos is Silicone. Silicone’s benefits are that its surface warms quickly and it is extremely durable, even more so than rubber.  It is sturdy and is good for strap-ons or other dildos that may be used in rough play. Although silicone is very smooth, there is no better replication of the human skin than Cyberskin. Naturally, because of its realistic appearance and soft feel, it is more delicate and needs to be carefully cleaned and cared for. If easy cleaning is a goal for you, glass and silicone will be the most resilient materials.

Glass dildos are the least porous option, and warm relatively quickly. They are favoured because they are so easy to clean, and so very smooth. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some have ribbing to add even more intense stimulation. Warm your glass dildo in the oven for a deep heated orgasm or place it in the fridge for an icy chill.

Now that you have chosen a material, you will want to choose a shape and size that suits its intended function. Dildos can be used for solo or couple play, and can be used for vaginal or anal penetration. They can be strapped and harnessed on, and for solo players, some even have super-strong suction cups to stick to floors, counters and walls. Imagine the possibilities!

If you are a woman having some alone time and looking for simultaneous clitoral and penetrative stimulation, a combination dildo may be for you. This type typically has a base for insertion paired with a pliable, vibrating tip for the clitoris. It can certainly be moved and shaped to increase your pleasure. What a good way to satisfy yourself or your lover!

The best realistic dildos

If a realistic look and feel is very important to you, many of our dildos emulate the colour, size, texture and feel of a penis to a tee, and we have quite a selection. They are often molded from real penises, so they are realistic down to veins and big, round heads. The material is so soft and skin-like…it is unbelievable! You will find a large variety of realistic dildos moulded from popular male porn stars like Shane Diesel and Ron Jeremy.

For a full range of sensations, we carry vibrating dildos available to buy online. These can be used to cause deep sensations around the G-spot or on the clitoris. With multiple speed settings, you can be in charge of how much you can handle! To tease and taunt you or your lover, start with the vibration setting down low and gradually increase it. When you can't wait any longer, turn the vibration setting up to its full capacity and enjoy the ride!

To play with your partner, we have quite the selection of double ended dildos…share the enjoyment and the pleasure! Why not use an end each and see who can take the most? Our double dildos are also great for solo play for the person who loves a bit of extra length.

Big dildos

If you need something big, we carry dildos up to 18 inches in length and in various girths. Our big dildos are definitely not for the faint hearted, that's for sure. Many of our huge dildos start from 10 inches and above. The Great American Challenge is the biggest dildo ever made and it measures a whopping 15 inches in insertable length and a massive 2.75 inches in diameter. You may need the lube for this one though!

If you want a dildo a bit more personalised, our selection of Clone-A-Willy kits are the perfect solution. Clone-A-Willy allows you to make an exact mould of you or your partners penis so your lover can lust for you wherever he or she goes! They are perfect for when he takes those long work trips away. His penis can be there even when he's not!

Our wide and inventive variety of dildos can add to the versatility of your sex life. Enjoy our discreet, express postage and try things that you have only ever dreamed of. Discreetly play out that fantasy alone or with your partner, and have fun! With our range of dildos ever expanding, you are bound to find one, or lots, that you will absolutely love. We warn you though, it can become very addictive!

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