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Eggs & Balls

Here at The Better Sex Shop you will find an assortment of eggs and balls that will stimulate and pleasure you in ways other sex toys can't. The egg and ball shape make them perfect for vaginal and anal insertion. Our vibrating models are great for stimulating the clitoral area and are sure to make you smile.

Ben Wa Balls and Duo Balls

Ben Wa Balls are small, marble-like balls often containing a weight for stimulation as they moved around inside of you. Sometimes they are individual, and sometimes they are linked for easy insertion and removal. These provide subtle stimulation, and will tease you and make you want more. They are perfect for foreplay with your lover, or for some much-needed alone time. Leave them in for a while and rock back and forth; it will blow your mind!

Duo Balls are typically slightly larger than Ben Wa Balls, and are held with the kegel muscles while in use. This will make the slightest movement pleasurable and send chills through your whole body. Try the Key-Stella 2 option, complete with a two silicone balls attached securely to one another and a retrieval loop for easy removal.

Both Duo and Ben Wa Balls can increase vaginal strength and will allow your sex to be more pleasurable, even when they are not being used. They will strengthen the kegels, which will intensify and heighten all of your sexual experiences. Further, the stimulating effect from the balls when they are in use is in itself a mind-blowing experience. What can they not do?

A variety of shapes, colours and sizes

Like most sex toys, these come in a wide variety of materials, colours, shapes and sizes, and have multiple functions. Because of their weight, first try our silicone or rubber options. When you are comfortable with these, feel free to try a heavier, metal option, such as our silver medium or small Ben Wa Balls. Insert them and see how a short walk feels, use during penetrative sex to intensify G-spot orgasms, or use in conjunction with your favourite tried-and true vibrator.

For kegel exercises or simply for pleasure, glass Ben Wa balls are a good, easy to clean alternative. Glass toys can also be heated up to add some flame in the bedroom, or cooled down to give you an icy chill when you need it most. We also have affordable, effective silicone alternatives. With so many options, you can’t go wrong!

Vibrating Eggs

Eggs, like many vibrators (especially the bullet), can be inserted and stimulate you with deep vibrations of various pulsation options from within. Eggs are discreet options, and can be wireless, remote controlled, and inserted into either your anus or vagina. One of our most popular choices is the Endless Egg, which has a control keychain that works from up to 20 feet away! Have an exciting, secret adventure with your lover as you sit at a nice restaurant. If you can keep a straight face, no one will ever know! It is silent, slim and wireless.

While eggs and balls might not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of sex toys, they are something that can make a nice addition to your sexual routine and sex toy collection. They offer unique pleasures and functions that differ them from other adult toys. If you think an egg or ball may interest you, shop with confidence knowing that it will always be delivered discreetly to protect your privacy.

Do our eggs and balls interest you? Here is the link to take you directly to our eggs and balls section: Eggs and balls