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Erotic Novels

Long before the steamy 50 Shades of Grey there were erotic novels. Erotic novels and romance novels have the ability to get the reader involved in the story line, to fantasise about the characters, to relate but to also arouse. The Ancient Greeks and Romans were known to write erotic verse and poems, in the 17th and 18th century. Nobles and Lords wrote collections of erotic verse and poems and erotica novels started to be seen. The 19th century saw more of this erotic prose and even a pornographic comic opera, the 20th century saw more and more erotic writing emerge throughout the 50’s and 60’s especially, however not everyone was in favour and some books were ordered to be destroyed. Now into the 21st century the idea of erotic novels has taken a more mainstream and accepted view.

In the 21st  century, a number of female authors have risen to prominence for their well-known erotic novels and short stories. Some high-profile editors and authors would like to see the term 'erotica' removed from novels that include depictions of sexual activities. Other authors celebrate the term 'erotica' but also question why literature 'with the sex left in' should be considered outside of literary fiction.

Erotic novels for men and women

The phenomenal success of the 50 Shades of Grey novels have women everywhere talking about erotica. These novels were dubbed 'mommyporn' and have boosted the sales of the erotic novel genre. Booksellers and libraries are reconsidering the popularity of the erotic novels and their success. Still the best place to buy erotic and serious sexual novels is here at The Better Sex Shop, as we have been stocking and selling them to men and women Australia wide for years and are always adding new and exciting novels to our collection.

Erotic novels are great for both men and women, it arouses the senses and stimulates deep sexual desires. These erotic novels are also called ‘romantic novels’ and are marketed as erotica. These novels have a story line and characters but also have an erotic theme and discuss and outline some very explicit sexual scenes and descriptions of sex. Some of these novels take on an erotic fantasy approach and suggest role play fantasy erotica. These types of erotic novels are seriously adult rated and sometimes shock and excite general audiences with their explicit fetish and bondage sexual fantasy scenes portrayed.

Some of our most popular erotic novels include The Vengeful Wife, The Teachers Friend and No Stud Fee Wanted. These are really great for people new to adult novels. Blakely St James writes a collection of erotic novels with ‘Christina’ being the main character throughout and we currently stock 8 titles in the collection. Try Christina’s Touch, which tells the story when Christina’s idyllic affair with a handsome young actor is shattered when she is abducted from her Beverly Hills mansion and forced to live in a bizarre, secret community of sexual deviants, cut off from the outside world. Christina had never been restrained by any of society's sexual codes, but this time she becomes hostage to an erotic power fantasy over which she has no control. Still there are more erotic novels on many more levels and styles.

Stimulate your mind with erotic novels

There are some really well written story lines and some tastefully portrayed sexual scenes and then there are some raunchy and steamy options with complex characters. Try Scarlet by Suzanne de Nimes, which tells the story of an intrepid girl reporter who exposes a secret world of sex, lust and passion. Her assignment was to investigate the world of nude modelling, which was how she found herself posing naked for the camera. She would do anything for a story and very soon she was doing everything. It began as a magazine feature, became a blue movie, and then... read all about it. It's sensual. It's graphic. And it's totally unedited!

Another great read is Passengers by Sue Lightfoot, where commuting by train each day, Nikolaus becomes infatuation with the sexiest women he has ever seen, wanting her more than anyone he has ever wanted before. All he knows is her name – Cassie – from the plastic name badge that she wears. She lusts after him and their most uninhibited sexual fantasies are soon being played out. But is everything as straight forward as it seems?

Are you now getting a good idea on what erotic novels are all about? Want more? Then read Sulphuric Acid which tells the story of a reality TV death camp, which has become the nation's obsession - an amoral spectacle played out through the media. It is a blackly funny and shocking satire on the modern predilection for reality television and celebrity, in which the audience at home develops a taste for blood.

Some of our erotic novels have a distinct topic or attraction. There are some fetish based novels with intriguing storylines and fetish fantasies portrayed. In our collection you will find titles such as Tokyo Bound by Sachi, which tells the erotic story of James Burke's mastery of the Tao of sex which made him a prince of the Excalibur, a Tokyo club that caters to wealthy women with particular tastes. There, he brought intense pleasure through the universal force of chi. His world was sublime until a secret society learned of his skill and sought the dark side of his Tao: the power to inflict pain.

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Another great fetish novel is Silken Servitude by Christina Shelly. This erotic fantasy novel tells the story of pretty she-male Shelly who has had her secret dreams of domination and feminization fulfilled by Aunt Jane. Yet her willing slavery has taken a new and even more kinky turn with her induction into the Bigger Picture, a secret society of female dominants dedicated to the world wide subjugation of the male. In this intensely erotic and exciting sequel to "Company of Slaves," we discover a plot to turn the entire male sex into helpless sissy slaves and follow Shelly's final journey into a realm of total silken servitude.

Want more of this fetish fantasy stimulation? Try Licked Clean by Yolanda Celbridge, where the Beautiful dominatrix Severe Campaign far exceeds her corporal punishment brief in shaming and enslaving Luke Redruth. Later, he becomes discipline master at Lick's Girl's school, while Severe still delights in caning men at nearby Crushards Acadamy. Yet lustful pupils and staff conspire to have them both sent to a Brazilian plantation marshalled by flagellant police girls.

Feeling a bit kinky? Read the Domino Tattoo to get you all steamed up. This book portrays Estwych, a place only the initiated can enter. A place where one must face one's deepest fears and most secret desires. A place where those without The Domino Tattoo find they are everyone's slave and nobody's lover. Into this world comes Josephine Morrow, a young woman beset with a strange restlessness. At Estwych she finds a cruelty and a gentleness she has never known. A cruelty that will test her body to its limits and a gentleness that will set her heart free. An experience granted only to those with The Domino Tattoo... This is the first book in the legendary Domino trilogy.

Erotic novel shop Australia

Here at The Better Sex Shop you will find a variety of other fetish erotic novels such as Manslave by JD Jensen. As it begins, neglected by the aging emperor, the Honourable Sisters resort to alternative but forbidden pleasures. Within this turmoil of petty jealousies, cruel perversities and formidable mistresses, the Manslave Shani must so often serve as a plaything, lover, whipping boy, and so much else. His position is made even more precarious when he becomes torn between his devotion and fascination for His Royal Mistress, and his love for the maidservant, Li Mei.

Another great read is The Discipline by Mariana Anderson, an erotic novel that tells the story of when a nun collecting money for orphans in Brazil meets an elegant, sophisticated playboy, she is irresistibly drawn towards his dubious charms. He opens her eyes to the corruption behind the Brazilian charity, and then proceeds to corrupt her too. Disillusioned, she returns home to work for an English charity, but the handsome stranger turns up again. At our online adult shop we have a variety of other fetish style erotic novels that will stimulate your mind like never before.

For a unique read look into Tempting The Goddess by Aishling Morgan. Tempting the Goddess follows Nich Mordaunt's elaborate schemes to replace the Pagan leader Ariesian's bland and commercial festivals with ones of his own invention, featuring the deflowering of virgins, together with lurid orgies and sacrifices. However, Nich must negotiate the bitter sexual rivalries among antagonistic priests and priestesses, and all the while the lewd and unctuous Mr Pedlow is watching.

The types, styles, moods, levels, sexual acts, desires and characters in erotic novels is almost limitless. They allow the reader to undergo a personal erotic journey, a sexual adventure deep in their mind. Each and every erotic novel tells a different tale of love, passion and lust. A word of warning though, it is very hard to stop reading once you start!

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