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Lingerie For Women

The word lingerie derives from the French word linge, meaning 'linen'. Lingerie was originally made from a cotton or linen material and was a type of undergarment that was worn for hundreds of years. This French word lingerie applies to all undergarments for either gender. In English the word lingerie generally refers to underwear for women (although we also stock a range for men too!).

How did lingerie come about? Up until the 18th century lingerie was designed to provide an extra layer of insulation, or to address hygienic and modesty issues. It tended to be simple and often cumbersome in design. Then into the 18th century, French courtesans started to realize the potential appeal of undergarments that were designed to titillate the viewer. Most other members of society continued to wear plain lingerie in the form of corsets, petticoats, and slips. It wasn't until the 1960s that companies started to manufacture lingerie with specifically ornamental purposes in mind, alongside more conventional undergarments. It was then that the lingerie market as we now know it took off and expanded rapidly, yet designs and materials have rapidly changed with the ever advancing textile industry and technology.

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Now in the 21st century, lingerie is associated with garments that enhance and flatter the female figure, making the wearer appear more attractive or sexually appealing. For your grandparents, lingerie meant pyjamas, slips and petticoats but now the word normally conjures up images of racy bras and underpants and sexy night wear and of French maids’ outfits. Lingerie is not just for the small frame, there are many styles made for the fuller figure too.

Here at The Better Sex Shop we stock a really great range of women’s lingerie. Picture yourself (or your lover) in a sexy sleek corset. We stock the Classic Corset, the White Hot Corset, the Victorian corset and the Rock Out corset, all of which are corset style lingerie that look and feel fantastic. Most come with a matching g-string, stockings, collar and accessories.

If costumes or raunchy fetish themed play is your thing, we have some lingerie to tickle your fancy! Say arrrrgh, the Punky Pirate lingerie set is sure to take you on a sexy voyage. It contains a head scarf, an eye patch, a teddy with studs, fishnet stockings, gloves and a leg garter. Or turn into the lustrous Femme Fatale with our sexy white set, including a spandex hood, vinyl medical style apron, g-string, latex gloves and white fishnet thigh-high stockings. Even wished for a twisted nurse? Then the Nasty Nurse has you covered. It contains a nurse hat, nurse mask, a clear vinyl lab coat, x pasties for nipples, a vinyl waist cincher, g-string, fishnet stockings, latex gloves and a painfully pleasurable wartenberg wheel. Would she turn you on as Pharaoh’s Slave? It is a set that mimics ancient Egypt with a headpiece, tunic, g-string, belt, gauntlets and a cane staff. For some reason everyone loves a Bad Cop which is truly sexy and contains a waist cincher, boyshorts, bondage rope, beginners metal handcuffs, a cop hat, x pasties for nipples and a whole lot of bad fun. And now a spin on the old faithful, The Chambermaid, which includes an elastic crotchless teddy, apron, chain wrist cuffs, feather tickler, lace top stockings and a ruffle headpiece. It will have your French maid fantasy coming to life.

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Want to get a little more sinister? Try the Twisted Sister which is a nun themed sexy outfit that comes with a ‘habit’ and a split cup triangle adjustable top, a low-rise strap-on with silicone rings, a dildo and a harness. Want a little darkness themed naughty fun? Try the Twilight Night lingerie set that will turn her into the princess of darkness. It includes a 3 hole hood, high collared vampire cape, vampire fangs, boyshorts and vinyl chain pasties with adhesive tape. The sexy and arousing Crazy Wabbit will have her gagging for more, including a crotchless teddy, fingerless gloves, breathable ball gag and sexy bunny ears. Scratch that fetish itch with the Strap-On Mistress, which includes a crotchless corset with strap on dildo and garter straps, a studded mask, stockings, silicone rings and a leather flogger. There are many many more fetish style lingerie in stock including the Reaper, the Lace Disgrace (a whole body suit), The Le’Freak, The Extreme Body Suit and the Simply Sinful sets. Browse our range, buy something fun and arousing, spice up your sex life or just surprise your lover!

Modern ‘sexual’ lingerie is not just for looking good, it’s for feeling good too! A really great range in stock are the vibrating lingerie range. Try the Vibrating Fantasy Panty, which when tucked away discreetly inside this g-string, is a powerful 20-function waterproof, vibrating bullet that is operated wirelessly. A sleek vinyl plug inserts inside of you and quietly holds the bullet in place delivering thrilling vibrations where you want them most. Or try the Black Rose Garden Vibrating Panty, which again holds a removable multi speed vibrator. It is made from luxurious side ties making them fully adjustable and comfortable for long wear. Looking for a sexy little number to hold your strap-on? Then the Lover Rider Hipster Harness underpants are just right. Looking sexy, they are stretch to fit and are reinforced with a stretchy universal ring that securely holds most strap-on probes. Or try the simplistic Lover’s Thong with Stroker Beads which is a g-string with stimulating pleasure beads designed for mutual pleasure.

Visit our lingerie for women page, browse the sexy range and let your imagination run wild! Try a sexual spin on modern lingerie for all shapes and sizes.

Want to buy your own female lingerie? Follow our link here: Buy Female Lingerie