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Here at The Better Sex Shop, you will find a variety of stimulators and massagers perfect for women, and even better for use with your lover. You will find a selection in an array of colours and sizes, all with one purpose in mind.. to provide you with as much pleasure as possible!

Stimulators can be added with ease to foreplay or the main event, and are a great way to bring sex to another level. They can be used by yourself to spice up your alone time and reach those spots when you need it the most. For an even better experience, introduce clitoral stimulators to your sex routine. They are ideal for couples who need a bit of variety. Start with your clitoral stimulator on low and tease your partner. Start at their toes, working your way up until they can't take any more. Satisfy the clitoral region by trying out the different vibrating functions and settings. You can thank us for it later.

Our range of stimulators offer a variety of different vibrating functions and pleasures. Some offer one speed vibration that is easily controllable at the base of the toy, so you can focus on the task at hand. Others offer settings that are a bit more complex. Some allow you to enjoy multi function, multi speed vibrations ranging from pulsating, escalating, rollercoaster and much more. Each vibrating setting can unleash a different pleasure. The fun part is trying them all.

Clitoral stimulators for women

Our highest rated stimulator is the Wonderful 2.5” Comfort Harness, which can be strapped on your body to achieve the most centralized level of clitoral stimulation. This product features a smooth tip comfort harness, a 2.5” bullet, a clit strap-on and 10 functions to extend and intensify your pleasure. It is made of 100% sturdy, non-toxic silicone, which allows for easy, painless cleaning.

Stimulators are not limited to those that you strap onto your body. We even have swimming suits, thongs and regular panties complete with secret vibrating parts. If you are looking for a more portable option, we have a wide variety of hand held massagers, pumps, finger teasers and vibrators, and small wands for isolated sensations.

Another great stimulator we recommend to our customers here at The Better Sex Shop is the Maxi Wanachi massager. It offers a multitude of vibration settings that are designed to tease and tantalize your lover. The thing we love most about this particular sex toy is that it is completely waterproof. Make your next shower or bath a little more exciting by bringing your Maxi Wanachi massager along. It will never disappoint.

Massagers provide intense pleasure

Stimulators differ slightly from vibrators, as their design lends to arousing a small, specific area. Also, stimulators frequently have straps to place them on your body, which allows a virtually hand free experience with great ease. While vibrators often have a clitoral massaging aspect, most stimulators are designed to be placed directly on the clit or any other erogenous zones. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy the intense stimulation that is sure to bring you or your partner to an earth-shattering orgasm. For a more focused function, stimulators can’t be beat!

Enjoy our wide selection of clitoral stimulators in all price ranges, our discreet, express postage, and free express postage on orders over $200. Go ahead, you deserve it!

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