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Gags & Gagging

Gagging during sexual activities is a game of thrill and power. It is very arousing to see your partner gagged and ready for fun. The concept of gagging originated in medieval times and has been seen throughout all stages in history. It became popular with slave times and has built up to a popular sexual fetish tool. Gagging a partner firstly needs to be consensual and safe. It is a good idea to have a ‘safe action’ that tells the partner when you are feeling uncomfortable. Gagging is normally associated with bondage and fetish play.

It is important when gagging a partner that you use a purpose made gag, as cloth or rope can suffocate a person. Gagging is the method of engaging in arousing sexual play with the gagged person unable to speak. It is often associated with bondage, or tied up role play fantasies. The gag silences the partner, however they can still communicate through body language, sounds and his/her eyes. The idea behind gagging is to give one person the feeling of power and the other person the feeling of being submissive. Many couples are turned on by both being gagged and engaging in sexual stimulation and intercourse whilst gagged and bound.

Gagging is great for kinky couples

The design of the gag differs a lot but the idea is still the same, to gag and render the partner unable to speak, but also as a visual stimulation for the other partner. The effectiveness of the gag depends on how tightly it is fastened, the size of the gag in relation to the size of the mouth and the style of gag. In most cases the gagged partner cannot say coherent words but can make grunting, whimpering and groaning sounds. The size of the gag is most important but the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability and heightened arousal is the aim.

If your partner is tied down or fastened, he/she is vulnerable and helpless. They must trust you impeccably and you need to be aware of him/her showing heightened fear or even panic. If you see any distressing signs, then you must remove the gag immediately. As it is impossible for a tightly gagged person to swallow properly, it leads to build up of saliva in the mouth. This saliva is uncomfortable and perhaps embarrassing when saliva runs down his/her face, perhaps have a cloth on hand to wipe the saliva off. This saliva can however be very dangerous, especially when gagged lying on his/her back. The saliva without being able to swallow, builds up and can create a true ‘gag’ or ‘retching’ and can actually lead a person to choke. If this happens remove the gag immediately. Remember to NEVER leave a gagged person in a room alone or unsupervised for risk of suffocation or choking.

Ball gags, bit gags and more!

So what type of gag is for you? There are many different types of gags on the market, you just need to find one that excites you and fits your partner! Finding the most suitable gag that you both will like is half the fun!

The traditional ‘ball gag’ is a strap with a ball that goes in his/her mouth. The partner cannot talk but can bite on the ball it fits with a Velcro adjustable strap. There is an O-ring gag with a round O that goes in the mouth to keep the mouth open. It also fits with adjustable Velcro straps and keeps his/her mouth open (makes breathing easier too). There is a ‘bit gag’ which is much like what you see on horses. It has a sturdy bar that the partner can bite on and has adjustable straps too. There are gags you can inflate whilst in your partner’s mouth, these can inflate quite large and are for the experienced gagger. There are gags with attachments for the person in power to ride like a penis whilst the partner is gagged, once again for the experienced gagger. There are also ‘breathable ball gags’ which come in different sizes and have air holes for easy breathing.

Gag your lover

Ever fantasised about gagging someone and playing with them, arousing them or even having amazing sex? Then gagging is for you. It is exciting and fun but most of all a powerful experience between two consenting adults that must be approached with caution. You can buy many different ball gags made out of a range of materials, some also come in fetish kits. Make sure you purchase a gag that fits the mouth comfortably and is not too big to reduce choking hazards and make sure you use your gag responsibly! If gags and bondage excite you, talk to your partner and enjoy the gag experience together, who will be gagged?

Lucky for you, here at The Better Sex Shop we have a wide range of gags for any experience level. Our selection of ball gags and bit gags will help you add a bit of pleasure or pain, and maybe a bit of both, into the bedroom. Take your sex life to the next level and buy your very own gag online today.

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