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Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys are most commonly made from hard glass, which is safety toughened, non-toxic and is designed to withstand temperatures while maintaining structural integrity. The choice of glass allows the option to warm or cool the sex toy before use. Put it in the fridge for an icy chill or the oven for a heated sensation. The rigid structure of glass helps to increase friction for optimal pleasure and intense orgasms.

Most glass sex toys and dildos are made from a Pyrex, tempered glass which is known for its durability. Usually these are heated under extreme temperatures to strengthen the glass even further. Glass sex toys are known to be substantially more durable than other traditional sex toys. Good quality glass dildos are very durable, and if cared for properly (kept in their bag when not in use, not heated or cooled too fast and cleaned correctly), can provide a lifetime of pleasure. Most glass sex toys and dildos are hand blown and made of the common glass Pyrex (borosilicate) glass.  They are very safe to use, hypoallergenic, and are great alternatives for individuals who are allergic to latex and other materials. Glass sex toys are shatterproof so you never have to worry about your safety when using them.

Glass dildos, vibrators, anal toys and more!

Glass sex toys and dildos come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and weights. They can be short, long, curved, rippled, bumpy, smooth.. what ever you desire. These types of sex toys can be used for vaginal and anal fun and are great for use by both men and women. Glass sex toys can look like beautiful works of art, with their elegant shapes and beautiful colours.  There are many lovely and beautiful characteristics of these types of adult products. They are seductive, saucy and elegant, and most of all, can give you an amazing orgasm!

Cleaning is an important function to keeping your sex toys germ, bacteria and muck free.  A great characteristic of glass sex toys and dildos is that are cleaner than plastic or rubber toys. Glass dildos are non-porous, unlike latex, silicone or rubber, and therefore, do not harbor bacteria. These toys are easily cleaned with soapy water or anti-bacterial soap. We recommend buying one of our sex toy cleaners which will keep your glass sex toy sparkling clean. You can even use the isopropyl alcohol to clean your glass toys. For best hygiene, wash your glass toys before and after each use (some can even be put into the dishwasher). To further care for your glass sex toy, store it in a cool, dry place. If your glass sex toy comes in a bag, make sure the bag remains dust and dirt free and is stored in a safe environment. Do not drop it on very hard surfaces as this may damage the structural integrity of the toy.

For unique stimulation glass sex toys, dildos and vibrators can be cooled or warmed to add to the user's pleasure.  You can pop it into warm water to warm to a nice temperature which the glass will retain for some time, or pop it into cold water for a chilling effect. It can even be placed in the fridge for a short period. Do not expose the toy to rapid changes from cool to hot as this may damage the structural integrity of the toy.

Glass sex toys for men and women

Glass sex toys, dildos and vibrators are non-porous and unlike the latex, silicone and synthetic toys, you can use any lubricant you wish with your glass dildo! Silicone lubricant is great as it is water resistent and doesn't absorb into the body as easily.

Glass sex toys come in many shapes and sizes. Most sex toys have glass versions. We carry a line of glass massagers, dildos, vibrators, anal toys and strap ons and our range of glass adult toys is always expanding. We are always adding new and exciting glass sex toys to our collection.

Glass sex toys are so very elegant and sophisticated, but there is one brand of glass sex toys that really sets itself apart from the rest. The Icicles range by Pipedream Products offer the best glass toys on the market, with a variety of shapes and sizes to please any user. To be filled and satisfied completely, Icicles No. 63 provides 8.5” and 2 pounds of thick, ribbed satisfaction for the most insatiable customer. Shaped like a realistic penis complete with veins and a thick, smooth head, this sex toy is great for rough play or for slow, gentle thrusting. The handle at the end allows complete control, ensuring your toy can be inserted as deeply as you desire.

Heat up or cool down your glass sex toy

Our most diverse and fun glass sex toy is the Icicles No. 34. This toy allows you to choose from ten pulsation patterns and go from a flutter to a throb with the push of a button. It also features adjustable thigh & waist straps, a bunny-shaped clitoral stimulator and a light-up bullet. Who said that a strap on or a rabbit cannot be made of glass? Get the best of both worlds! Enjoy the sensations of a rabbit, strap on and a vibrator with the ease of cleaning, durability and longevity that glass sex toys have to offer.

No matter what type of adult toy you are looking for you, we likely have a glass option available. We carry glass double-ended dildos, Ben Wa balls, ball gags, glass-handled floggers, plugs, graduating bulb toys, strap ons, vibrators, rabbits, and a huge variety of ribbed and untextured glass dildos. Take a peek and choose from our ever growing range of glass sex toys that are guaranteed to satisfy you. Experience the most luxurious product possible with a uniquely crafted, beautiful toy sure to make every time a little more exciting than the last!

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