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Love Dolls

The term blow up doll has taken a new turn now called a ‘love doll’. Other common names include sex doll, fuck doll and adult doll. Love dolls come in all shapes and sizes from a lifelike replica of a real person to just a vagina or mouth. A love doll can add realistic stimulation during sexual fun either alone or with a partner. The size, race, gender and material can vary but the idea is still the same, a replica person you can enjoy your sexual desires with. Whether you are turned on by inflation, vibration, lifelike skin, breasts or butts there is a sex doll to suit you. You will find numerous fun and exciting adult dolls available to buy online at our online sex shop.

Love dolls can be used alone, with your partner or in a group. The type of doll and its features is up to you! There are dolls for specific purposes and some fun novelty ones for bachelor parties ranging from sheeps to cows. There is such a large range of love dolls on the market that you are almost certain to find a doll perfect for your specific needs. Most love dolls have openings for you to satisfy your sexual desires ranging from ass, vagina and mouth. You will even find a small selection of sex dolls with some special surprises that will really get your blood pumping!

Love dolls have taken on a 21st century twist. They can still be quite simple and standard like the good old ‘blow up doll’, which is commonly basic plastic with basic features. If you are looking for something a little more advanced, some of our adult sex dolls have some quite remarkable and lifelike features to keep you coming back for more. Vibration, pulsation, escalation and more.

Love dolls in all shapes and sizes

Love dolls have embraced technological advancements and factored this into new age dolls. These dolls have parts made out of technologically manufactured realistic skin, most popular being Cyberskin. This ‘Cyberskin’ is as close to the feel and stretch of real skin as you can get. Cyberskin makes body parts such as the mouth, anus, vagina and penis feel as lifelike and as ‘real’ as an actual person. The substance is created to retain its original shape after use by the creation on special bonds within the Cyberskin.  By adding a feature called ‘Dual Density’ the company has made underlying body parts such as erectile tissue, realistic testicles/scrotum, realistic breasts and sometimes underlying bone structures. Cyberskin is the brand name used by the company Topco Sales. Topco states that Cyberskin is made by a new Aerospace 601 computerised injection moulding machine, originally designed by NASA engineers with the material being a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and silicone.

There are many similar products on the market that specialise in sex toys and love dolls, some of the trade names include Ultraskin, Softskin, SoftTouch, Eroskin, Futurotic, UR3, Cyber Jel-lee and New Supersoft. The main point is that this ultra-modern material feels like real skin and gives a realistic sexual experience. These dolls are not normally in the ‘budget’ category and you will need to decide if this ‘realistic’ experience is something that would satisfy all of your sexual fantasies. We are sure it will! The best thing about these types of dolls is that you can easily store them away when you're done. To keep the material in its best possible condition, a sex toy cleaner is recommended before and after each use.

The very popular and most lifelike of our love dolls is the Chasey Lain Life-sized Doll. She has been designed to give the most realistic sexual experience possible. This particular doll has been modelled from porn star Chasey Lain’s face and body. She has a rotating, multi-speed French-kissing tongue, crystal blue eyes, realistic eyelashes, bouncy auburn hair, and her vagina is lined with soft ticklers for your pleasure. She also includes a multi-speed love bullet, repair kit and autographed poster! She truly is one hot pleasure machine! Best of all, she never says no.

Sex dolls perfect for men

You will find that some of our love dolls are packed with features like a vibrating mouth, vagina or anus. Some even have mouths that actually suck! Some love dolls have moulded hands to hold a penis and some are male dolls with a lifelike penis. Some love dolls are made of latex or vinyl, some are a full sized replica of a person and others just a torso, some are bending over and some are just the vagina or anus. There are a multitude of love dolls (and animals) on the market today.  We stock a variety of options from which you can select for any budget or desire. We stock travel sized Midget dolls that tailor for all tastes and races – even a granny doll. There are animal dolls, celebrity dolls, transvestite dolls, glow in the dark dolls, vibrating dolls, dolls with a vibrating penis and dolls that have a moving tongue. The range also includes fat dolls, clear dolls, positioned dolls and much more. You will surely find a love doll that you can, well, love!

Shop for blow up dolls with confidence knowing that The Better Sex Shop will always respect your privacy. Our online adult shop is a safe place to buy fun and exciting adult products without worrying if your personal information is being shared. We will never share any information you provide to us, so feel free to be extra adventurous! Your order will be delivered in a plain, discreet package with no mention of our adult store and will arrive promptly via express post.

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