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Flavoured Lubricants

Taste your lover like never before with our range of flavoured lubricants available to buy online at The Better Sex Shop. Enjoy a variety of your favourite fruity flavours while enjoying enhanced pleasures during sex. A few small drops will have you going at it all night.

Top 10 Best Selling Flavoured Lubricants For Today

Lid'l Extra (Clear) Ankle Cuffs (Black) Private 189 GIGOLO Sexual Positions Book BMINE - Classic Curve (Azure) Library Girl Love Doll Ass Servant (Black) New Climax 15 Boobie Cookie Cutter Exotik Rabbit (Clear)
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Play - Lubricant Strawberry (50ml)
Play Strawberry is a fun and fruity way to sweeten up your sex life. Enjoy both the taste and aroma of strawberries all year round for a deliciously intimate experience. Indulge as often as ..
RRP: $14.95 $9.99
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Wet Stuff Strawberry - Pump (270g)
Strawberry Wet Stuff is a long lasting, delightfully textured and flavoured personal lubricant. What every your favourite love play is, this lube will enhanced it with the taste of strawberr..
RRP: $24.95 $17.99
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Tasty lubes for great sex!

Our flavoured lubricants are both safe and enjoyable to eat and can add something extra to your night of love making. Flavoured lubricants can be used for massage, for foreplay, for use with adult toys and for sex and in each scenario they will help to increase your comfort and sensation for the most enjoyable sessions. What's more though, flavoured lubricants will also add another dimension to your seduction as you and your partner become delicious to the taste, encouraging a night of ravaging, licking and kissing.

We provide flavoured lubricants in all manner of different flavours to suit every taste. All of them are ideal for setting the mood and for encouraging your partner to go precisely where you want them to... it's a win/win situation and it's something that anybody can appreciate.

All of our lubricants are completely safe to use on the body and to eat and won't aggravate sensitive skin. They create countless new potential scenarios and uses in the bedroom so they're a great addition to your arsenal that can help you to keep things fresh and exciting. They also make great gifts, suggesting to your partner that a night of indulgent massage and foreplay is about to follow. To discover more about our great range of lubes, check out our Lubricants Guide.