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Here at the Better Sex Shop you will find over 350 different adult magazines to suit any sexual desire. Our extensive range includes Penthouse, Playboy, Buttman, Hustler and other exciting titles that will get your blood boiling. We are always adding new titles for our buyers’ pleasure.

So what exactly are adult magazines? Sometimes referred to as ‘pornos’ or ‘top-shelf magazines’, these adult magazines are pornographic in nature. They contain fictional stories and photos that are explicitly sexual in nature. They mostly contain photos of sexual positions, naked women, large penises and much more, however they can be on specific topics. These topics may include lesbian porn, gay porn, anal sex, big cocks, big boobs, blow jobs, masturbation, oral sex or fetish sex... the list goes on!

Adult magazines are primarily made to stimulate sexual arousal and are often used to aid in masturbation. Some have very general sexual content whilst others are more focused and perhaps stimulate a sexual or fetish niche. As well as containing stimulating and perhaps arousing photos, these magazines sometimes have articles, jokes, computer information, culture, politics and sporting personalities.

We have some all-time favourite sellers which can be found here at The Better Sex Shop. Most take on the layout of very sexual photos of guys and girls performing sex acts but there are some that take on much more. The columns in a few magazines feature lots of sexually-explicit content and pictures of women designed to delight men. Some have forums, which publish explicit letters from readers. A few have a ‘centrefold’ lift out picture and accompanying pictorial featuring a chosen model/porn star. Other articles include interviews with models, actors, sports stars and even politicians. Sometimes there are longer articles about sex-themed topics like sex museums and the BDSM world, and sexual adventure stories. 

Some of the high-end magazines are not all about sex. You can also find technology and fashion tips and topics, as well as buyers’ guides to help you find the best electronics, toys and gifts. Magazines often feature columns on entertainment including gaming, movies, and DVDs. Other male indulgences like great scotch or premium cigars are frequent topics of discussion, as are hunting, fast cars, and sports.

What are these popular adult magazines all about? The high end Penthouse magazine is great for a good all round read. Penthouse magazine has entertained and delighted men since 1965 with its pictures of beautiful, scantily-clad (if at all) women and hot sex articles. In the 1990s, it went through a change to a harder-core format, but since 2005 has come back to its roots of soft-core pornography and erotica. 

After a good bit of old fashioned fun? Try Fiesta magazine Fiesta magazine is a British soft-core pornographic magazine that was fist launched in 1966. Fiesta quickly became Britain's top selling adult magazine. It was soon dubbed 'the magazine for men which women love to read'.  Fiestas readers were responsible, in the early 1970s, for creating a phenomenon that has been adopted in magazines worldwide then called the "Readers' Wives” which has sprouted into the monthly Readers' Wives Striptease section, which shows a set of photos of a supposed wife or girlfriend of a reader being photographed by Fiesta undressing (often, but not always out of everyday clothing) to full nudity.

An ever strong performer in the magazine field is Playboy. The Playboy brand is perhaps one of the worlds most well known brands, with the iconic rabbit logo. It all started from the ever famous Hugh Heffner in 1953.  Playboy is an American men's lifestyle magazine that features photographs of nude women as well as journalism and fiction. There are generally beautiful and naked young ladies pictured. This magazine has it all, information, stories, buyers’ guides, fun, facts, naked lades and much more. It has sprouted into one of the most idealistic men’s mansion, the Playboy Mansion, where Mr Hugh Heffner lives along with up to 20 young beautiful ‘Playboy Bunnies’ or sexy ladies. Now also a reality TV show!

Getting along to the famous Hustler magazine, Hustler is a monthly pornographic magazine published in the United States. It was first published in 1974 by Larry Flynt. There was a great movie made about Larry Flynt and the Hustler magazine too! Hustler is still considered more explicit (and more self-consciously lowbrow) than such well-known competitors as Playboy and Penthouse. It frequently depicts hardcore themes, such as the use of sex toys, penetration and group sex.

For lovely ladies and a bit of flesh check out Club magazine, each edition of Club features ten photosets, with the exception of the slightly larger 'special edition' which features between twelve and thirteen sets. The photosets are usually single-girl shoots but there are also lesbian scenes. The shoots are generally softcore, and as such do not feature any sort of penetration or oral-genital contact. However some photoshoots feature the occasional 'pink' shot, where a model exposes her vaginal lips. During the early to mid-1980s, a regular feature was 'Club Event', a picture sequence involving a group of models (usually about half a dozen) performing a form of striptease around a central theme such as a Christmas party, or whilst wearing (and removing) various types of uniforms.

One of the best ‘butt’ fetish magazines is Buttman, Buttman magazine is the number 1 ass fetish magazine on the market. Featuring artistic, hardcore photosets of some of the most gorgeous, roundest asses in the world, as well as erotic illustrations, interviews and behind the scenes from the Evil Empire

Are you a lady? A guy into guys? Then we have a selection of ripped male bodies and bits for your pleasure! Try Private Man, Jock, Mansize, Machismo or Anal Sex magazines that are readily available in stock. There are a few titles for the girl on girl lovers but one of the best is Lesbian Love. Pop on over and browse our great range, there is sure to be a magazine just for you!

Getting into your hardcore porn? We here at The Better Sex Shop have a large range of titles to add to your collection and well turn you on! WE stock Sex Paper, European Hardcore, Tipple X (XXX), Tornado, Cheri and much much more. Are you into a particular type of porn? Well we are sure to stock that pleasurable something, try Pirate for all your fetish needs, try TV Swinger for a swinging time, try Rosie for a range of fun including transsexual, gang bang and men.

Choosing a magazine sometimes just comes down to what mood you are in, or rather what mood you want to be in! Choose from articles, facts and nudes or hardcore porn, the choice is yours!