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Lingerie For Men

The word lingerie derives from the French word linge, meaning 'linen'. Lingerie was originally made from a cotton or linen material and was a type of undergarment that was worn for hundreds of years. In French the word lingerie applies to all undergarments for either gender. In English the word lingerie generally refers to underwear for women but we have a fantastic men’s range too!

How did lingerie come about? Up until the 18th century lingerie was designed to provide an extra layer of insulation, or to address hygienic and modesty issues. It tended to be simple and often cumbersome in design. Then into the 18th century, French courtesans started to realize the potential appeal of undergarments that were designed to titillate the viewer. Most other members of society continued to wear plain lingerie in the form of corsets, petticoats, and slips. It wasn't until the 1960s that companies started to manufacture lingerie with specifically ornamental purposes in mind, alongside more conventional undergarments. It was then that the lingerie market as we now know it took off and expanded rapidly, yet designs and materials have rapidly changed with the ever advancing textile industry and technology.

Now in the 21st century, lingerie is associated with garments that enhance and flatter the male and female figure, making the wearer appear more attractive or sexually appealing. For your grandparents, lingerie meant pyjamas, slips and petticoats but now the word normally conjures up images of racy bras and underpants and sexy night wear but you will be pleasantly surprised about the range for men too!

Here at The Better Sex Shop we stock a really great range of men’s lingerie. Picture your man in costume style sexy underwear with kinky accessories, or send him a funny lingerie gift just for giggles. Whatever tickles your fancy we are sure to stock it. Pop on over and browse our selection on sexy men’s lingerie.

We stock a fun and sexy range of costume style lingerie our best sellers include the Road Warrior set which is a studded belt style G-string that his wrists are cuffed to and including a spandex hood and to top it off a neck and chest harness! For something simple try the hidden pocket brief which are a pair of vinyl briefs with a hidden snap pocket. Get that sassy look with See-thru Sexy which is a fishnet style top and matching fishnet/vinyl underpants that have a zip front. Turn that hunky man into a sex slave with these Obedience Boxers that feature a matching dog style lead. Lock up your love member with the Chastity Belt g-strong. The G-string is locked up tight in the front and back to make sure you don’t try to “escape”. For a kinky look try this one-of-a-kind chain G-string is made to please and tease. Its unique design sets you apart and its adjustable nipple clamps that attach with chains, make your nipples perk with pleasure! Experience new, exciting bedroom fun with this “knotty” bondage-style boxer-and-tie set. The Tie Me up Boxer set has a pair of boxers and attachable elastic ties, to well, tie him up!  If studded collars and leashes turn you on, then the Slave Set is sure to get your blood pumping, it includes a sexy studded collar and matching short briefs with a lead, take him where you want him. If crisp white underwear is your thing then the Bondage Thong is fun, it is a white G-string with matching wrist cuffs that attach to the G-string (also available in black).

If you are looking for a humorous gift we have you covered. The hilarious midget man tuggie is sure to keep you covered. Snuggle up with the fuzzy sock that warms your tiny cock! The original Midget Man Tuggie is perfect for warming your morning wood, hiding your afternoon boners, and disguising those all-day semis. Don’t be fooled by the cheap imitations--only the Midget Man Tuggie keeps your hands-free and your junk covered anywhere you go!

Don't worry if you don't measure up - the Midget Man Tuggie fits most sizes and is scaled down to fit even the smallest pint-size peckers! The stylish, leopard-print fleece Tuggie wraps around your pleasure rod and sack, allowing you to let your stuff hang in any setting you can imagine. Keep track of your length with these adorable ‘Measuring Tape Undies’ that are the most stylish tuxedo style G-string with a measuring tape print on the penis part. Let him hang low or high and hard and keep tabs on how long your shlong is. After a bit of a laugh, then the ‘Mr Saggy Balls Boxers’ will have them in fits. Pull on these boxer shorts (that have fake nads hanging out of the bottom) and strut around the house or party. The nads are wrinkled silicone textured to be life like and hang precariously out of the legs of the shorts. Funny stuff!

Pop on over to The Better Sex Shops page Lingerie for Men and browse the selection and enjoy the fantasies that spring to mind. Remember all of our products are sent out in discreet plain packaging so only you need to know the raunchy fun hidden inside.