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Massage has many well-known benefits like muscle relaxant, muscle injury, pain reduction and brain stimulation but also it also offers erotic arousal. An erotic massage in not as difficult as it sounds! With a bit of practice you will be giving your partner the most arousing massage he/she has ever had! The type of massage depends on each individual person. Some like a deep hard rub whilst others like a light soft touch. But what does your partner like? That is something you can only find out with practice, but we do have some simple tips.

You are ready to get started!

Experience an amazing massage with our oils and lotions!

Try to lay on the middle of the bed or on the floor on a soft rug/blanket. Have him/her take off all their clothes and lay down for you. Drape a piece of luscious material over them (a very soft towel dried in the dyer, a piece of satin or a very soft blanket. You will move this cover down as you massage).

Take a good amount of oil in your hands. Rub them together to further warm it (you can put the oil bottle in a warm glass of water to keep it at a lovely temperature – or alternatively icy water for a cool summer massage). Gently, start by gliding with smooth strokes using your whole hand, over the neck and shoulders, down and up the arms. Make your movements rhythmic in motion working together in a continual synchronization. Remember not to lose contact at any time.

Work your way down the back, now moving into longer deeper strokes. Continue this method using your body for pressure and not the strength of your hands/arms. Lightly press your chest up against his/her back, letting other parts of your body lightly skim against him/her.

The sensations of your skin brushing against him/her are so stimulating. Kiss her lightly then kiss his/her her neck working down her back soft and slow. You can lick the lower back in a circular motion, moving up as you lightly breath your warm breath up her spine until you get to his/her ear lobe where you can kiss lightly to drive them wild.

You should both be nice and hot and aroused by now! Move back down, only now you are massaging the butt. Make sure the legs are open where you can lightly skim up and down the inner thighs. You want them squirming? Inner thighs touched sensuously will cause just that reaction. It is an involuntarily reaction of pure pleasure and stimulation!

Set the mood with an erotic massage

Time to roll her over onto the back. Make sure you keep a hand on him/her. Is the oil plentiful? If not, grab it with one hand and lubricate the chest in between the breasts. Gently massage the shoulders working down her arms and back up. Skim over the breasts with the palm of your hand with plenty of oil. You can stop there for a few circular motions over the already erect nipples.

Now is there is a deep feeling of sensation in the nipples that are dying for stimulation, as well as her vaginal and anal area. It is feeling hot, certainly wet and yearning for you to penetrate at this point, BUT not quite yet. Now you should know where that G-Spot is—yes? Go in and gently massage the G-spot whether internally or externally!

Take your queues by the reaction of your partners face, groans, flinches or noises. A groan normally means keep going an ouch means too hard. Remember it might take a few sessions for you both to totally relax and for total arousal to take effect and an amazing orgasm to result!

But what you really need is massage oil right? Here at The Better Sex Shop we stock a great range of massage oils. We stock and sell Warming Massage Oil in a variety of scents, Standard Massage Oil in a variety of scents, Pheromone Massage Oil for Him and for Her, a 2 in 1 Massage Oil, Lube and also Massage Oil Kits! Pop on over to the Massage Oil section and enjoy some for yourself.

Want to try erotic massage for yourself? Here is the link to take you directly to our massage section: Massage