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When you excite and pleasure yourself to the point of orgasm, that is masturbation. This is normal and can be performed alone or together with your partner or a group. Masturbation is a term used for touching, rubbing, massaging or pressing against an item. It is also the stimulation of the genital area with your hands, fingers or an object. If you are a lover of masturbation then you might like to experiment with some fun and orgasmic toys available to buy online at The Better Sex Shop which will have you playing all night. There are lots of sex toys designed to help stimulate and achieve orgasm through masturbation.  Whether you might like to spice up your sex life, do not have a partner, live/work away from your partner or just want to have some fun with yourself, there are some really useful masturbation tools available.

Men and women both masturbate and both can achieve great orgasms this way. For women, masturbation normally involves the stroking/rubbing of the clitoris and inserting a finger/object into the vagina and/or anus. For men, the most common form is to hold the penis with a loose grip and move the hand up and down the shaft of the penis. There are other spots on the body that add to orgasm through masturbation and the anus is very popular. Pressure can be place on the perineum (the spot between the genitals and the anus) and directly into the anus. Nipples can be quite the erogenous zone and can also aid in masturbation of both sexes.

Pocket pussies, realistic buttocks and more!

No one quite knows how to hit that sweet spot like you can but sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of help. There are a large range of masturbation sex toys available in our masturbators section, each designed to help you get the biggest orgasm on your own. You will fake vaginas (pocket pussies) that are extremely realistic to give the experience of being inside a real vagina. Many of our masturbators range from realistic vaginas, anus's, mouths and breasts. Some other masturbators are fake mouths with accessories like rotating tongues for a bit of extra stimulation. Some are fake anuses with moving parts, vibrations or ribbing. Masturbators can be full size love dolls with realistic parts or just robotic vaginas that vibrate and rotate. There are clitoris ticklers and ejaculation tools, beads you can place in your vagina or anus and much more. The materials, colours and textures of our masturbators differ, but the idea is still the same – to aid in masturbation. Some of these masturbation toys are super realistic and made to feel like real flesh. These Cyberskin toys look and feel so real it will feel like you're fucking a real person. Others vibrate and can be ribbed or bumpy, some are even waterproof!

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Masturbation do’s:

Masturbation has been well documented throughout history from the ancient Egyptians to the ancient Greeks to the traditional Japanese. Well before modern times masturbation was acknowledged and held to have great benefits, today the benefits are many. Masturbation can improve sexual health and relationships, it can help define what sexual acts please you, it can relieve frustration and decrease depression. The act of mutual masturbation, where two people masturbate in front of each other, can heighten personal orgasm, relieve sexual tension without penetrative intercourse and help both people learn the others sexual pleasure spots. Masturbation is healthy and has a range of health and sexual benefits. Masturbation can surely be enhanced and enjoyed by purpose made sex toys.

Using masturbation toys is a great way to relieve stress

Eliminate the need for another person with our huge selection of masturbators available to buy online. Now you can get a realistic sexual experience that is sure to have you cumming back for more. Let your fantasies run wild and try something new. With such a big variety of masturbators, each with unique shapes and functions, you are sure to find a masturbation sex toy that you will simply love. From replica vaginas to realistic buttocks, big breasts to sucking mouths, our selection of masturbators have a little something for everyone. Buy one for yourself now.

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