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Nipple Clamps

Ever wondered what, apart from being incredibly sexually arousing, nipple clamps are for? If so, you have found the right place! At The Better Sex Shop we stock a range of nipple clamps suitable for both men and women. The breasts and nipples on either sex are a highly erogenous zone, so by touching and squeezing them you can create heightened sexual arousal. By stimulating the nipples they become erect and have heightened sensitivity, this stimulation can produce erotic sensations and sexual excitement. A good part of foreplay is touching, squeezing and sucking the nipples. What if this is so pleasurable that you want more? That’s where nipple clamps can become an erotic tool of play.

How does stimulating nipples work? When a women’s nipples are stimulated the sensation travels to the same part of the brain as when their genitals are aroused. Brain scans of women who aroused their nipples showed that the nipple stimulation hit the same spot in the brain and caused the same level of sexual arousal as if the vagina or clitoris had been stimulated. This is the same for men too! Stimulating a womans nipples causes oxytocin and prolactin to be released. These are important chemicals in relation to breastfeeding but they also cause a decrease in anxiety and heightened feelings of trust and bonding. This oxytocin release causes the nipples to erect and results in sexual arousal. Some women can even orgasm from just nipple stimulation alone! Both men and women find enhanced sexual arousal from nipple stimulation.

Nipple clamps can be used by men and women

Like the idea of nipple stimulation? Here at The Better Sex Shop we can help you with that! This brings you to the idea of ‘nipple clamps’. Well what are nipple clamps? A nipple clamp is a type of small clamp that is applied to the nipples of both men and women. It is a type of sex toy which achieves sexual arousal through applying pressure to create pain and restrict the blood from the erect nipple. A lot of people get highly erotic just seeing nipple clamps on their partner.

A little bit of pleasurable pain is what nipple clamps are aimed towards. The sensations that nipple clamps deliver vary from playful to painful and what you experience depends on how sensitive your nipples are and how strong a grip the clamps produce. One pair of clamps will feel hard to some and softer to others. There are three main types of nipple clamps, and we stock all of them. The first is the ‘clothes-pin’ style nipple clamp that works like a common house peg, two shorts pieces of metal that are joined by a spring to keep one end closed. This type can often come with accessories like screws to adjust the pressure and release it. The next is the ‘tweezer’ nipple clamp which consists of two short lengths of metal which are fixed together at one end and open at the other much like a common pair of tweezers. A small ring accessory is sometimes slid around the two pieces of metal and can be used to adjust the tension. Finally the ‘clover’ style nipple clamp which is also referred to as a butterfly clamp can provide tension when pulled upon. The clamp part itself is flat and a spring tension holds it in place, it usually provides an extremely high pain level and is used by experienced users. The harder you pull on the chain the tighter the clamps become.

Explore your kinky side with nipple clamps

We stock and sell these types of nipple clamps on their own and part of fetish kits. There are many versions of nipple clamps, you should find some that excite you! Fistly at The Better Sex Shop we sell the Alligator Nipple Clamps which are a tweezer style clamp and chain that has rubber lined clips and it works by turning an adjustable screw to adjust the pressure. It also has a weighted chain that swings for added pleasure. It is great for the novice and experienced fetisher.

The rather nice looking Nipple Vices are a great way to get just the right squeeze to make your nipples perk with pleasure. Just slip on over the nipple, close the clamp and adjust using screws to gently apply pressure.

Would you like a bit more of a buzz? Then our Vibrating Nipple Clamps might excite you. Your nipples can be vigorously excited by these multi speed, vibrating clamps. With 10 patterns of pulsation and rubber coated clamps they are sure to excite!

To excite you just a bit more at The Better Sex Shop we sell Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps, which are just that wireless, no chains or cords, that vibrate and are waterproof and provide wonderfully thrilling pulsations to your nipples.

Intrigued and after more? No problems, we also have the Japanese Clover Clamps that are a butterfly style of spring loaded clamp with rubber grips, the harder you pull the tighter they get!

Getting seriously aroused now? Wanting more? Let’s get into the more serious sets/kits. We stock some really great kits, what about the Ball and Gag Nipple Clamp, which is a nipple clamp that is attached via chains to a ball gag in the mouth, you are in full control of his/her pleasure!

You will also find the Collar and Clamp which is a tasteful leather collar attached to nipple clamps by chains keep him/her in check.

Big range of nipple clamps available to buy online

Wanting something for him? Then checkout our Cockring and Nipple Clamps, that erotically pleasure the nipples whilst an adjustable strap connects the clamp chains to a round metal cockring. With each movement of the chains, the clamps gently stimulate your nipples, while the cockring maintains a rock hard erection and prolongs ejaculation.

To finish off there is the deluxe Spinning Nipple Stimulators. This is sure to make those nipples perk with pleasure, hidden inside each suction cup is a powerful spinning teaser covered in hundreds of tiny ticklers. Once the powerful motor is active the round discs spin and massage your breast and nipples, delivering wall-banging orgasms that last and last. Choose from seven thrilling functions on the control unit and enjoy your breast stimulation.

All these and more are available online, in store. Remember all our products are sent in discreet plain packaging so only you know the pleasures inside.

Want to buy your own nipple clamps? Here is the link to take you directly to our nipple clamps section: Nipple Clamps