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Penis Pumps

Do you dream of a bigger and fatter penis with longer erections? It can be achieved using a ‘penis pump’. You will find an assortment of quality penis pumps available to buy online at The Better Sex Shop in a range of colours, sizes and styles.

A penis pump is a cylinder that fits tightly around the penis. With either a manual or motorized pump, a vacuum is created which engorges the penis as blood is drawn in. Like a cock ring, this helps keep an erection longer and to maintain it even after ejaculation. They are great to keep sex going, and to pump up your penis for a fatter look. Penis pumps can be used by anyone wanting a bigger penis and/or a longer sexual experience. Cock pumps are also extremely useful for men that have erectile issues or have had surgery or radiation treatment for prostate cancer. There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction and using a penis pump is the safest, most efficient method to returning to great sex. It can be used with a cock ring or on its own, it can be used with medication and is non-invasive.

Firstly the hand pump is the most simplistic and effective type of penis pump offered for sale at The Better Sex Shop. Whether you are correcting an impotence problem, or just want to look bigger and stay harder for longer, there is no better way to go than a hand pump. You simply place the pump cylinder over your penis, and use one hand to steady the cylinder and the other hand to pump out the air creating a vacuum. This vacuum pulls the blood up into the penis making it larger and harder for sexual intercourse. Just keep steady pumps until the desired level of hardness is reached. The erection can be kept using a type of cock ring on the base of the penis. The pump should be released every 1-2 minutes to allow fresh blood to cycle into the penis.

There is also the option of an electric penis pump. Electric pumps work on the same principle as the hand pumps, to pump air out and create a vacuum to effectively pull blood into the penis, creating a larger and harder erection. With an electric pump you quite simply don’t have to pump by hand, it does it for you! Sit or lay back and relax while the electric penis pump makes you fatter and harder and grows your penis into a massive rod before your very eyes.

If you are looking to buy a penis pump to correct erectile dysfunction or impotence, we also carry an erectile vacuum kit, which can help open the veins, subsequently causing an erection. This is a great solution to your bedroom problems as well as a reliable way to make sex last longer.

Buying the right penis pump for you

By following a few easy steps you can ensure you buy the right penis pump for you and protect your most important asset.

You can get great erectile results out of your penis pump and there are some stimulating ways to use it. Ensure you have good quality lubricant on hand when using either of the penis pumps to ensure it slides on and off easily and achieves maximum stimulation. When you get familar with using your penis pump, you can have a bit of fun with the following techniques:

How to use a penis pump

Whether you are pumping for penis enlargement, using a penis pump to get a hard on, or for erectile dysfunction or simply pumping for pleasure, the process is much the same. Simply put your penis into the pump’s cylinder and press the base of it firmly against your body to create an airtight suction seal. Squeezing the bulb or hand piece on the pump creates an increase in pressure inside the cylinder, causing increased blood flow to the penis.

Remember to go slow. Put a generous amount of lubricant all around the pump and in the rubber or latex sealing ring (do not use oil based lubes, use only water based lubrications) on the opening of the penis pump tube. Also apply lubricant generously to your penis as well. This will help with insertion of the penis into the tube, especially if it is not hard. Push your penis through the ring and into the tube until the mouth of the tube is firmly up against your body. Now begin pumping just a little at a time. Take it slowly at first. Very slowly. Over-pumping can cause serious problems. You can rupture veins and bruise the penis shaft as well as inflict permanent damage. You should always be careful and know your own limits.

With the seal on the tube tightly against your body, continue pumping until your penis is firmly erect. Now stop for a moment and check things out. Does this amount of pressure feel comfortable? Is there any unusual discolouration or veins that look on the verge of rupturing? If all seems well, pump a little more and hold, asking yourself the same questions each time you stop. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, open the air valve and release the pressure. You can always pump again any time you are ready to do so. We recommend keeping your active pump time to under twenty minutes. We know you want that massive erection now and penis pumps can produce some impressive short term results, but size isn't going to matter at all if you permanently damage your penis. You could wind up in the emergency room or worse yet, you may become unable to get a normal erection in the future.

There is no reason penis pumping should hurt. If you experience pain, stop pumping immediately and consult a physician before continuing. If you are pumping for penis enlargement, maintain a regular pumping routine for approximately six months if you want to see long term penis enlargement results. It is necessary to keep to a regular routine if you want those results to be permanent. It's really no different than any other type of regular exercise program. Men who report the most success use pumping sessions (about 30 minutes each) three to four times a week, allowing recovery time between sessions. You will gain a great deal more in girth than you will in length. If you've always wanted a chubby, then regular pumping may just be the thing for you.

Over 100 penis pumps for men available to buy online

Here at The Better Sex Shop we sell a large range of penis pumps, both hand and electric. Popular pumps include Easy Grip pumps, Angled Handle pumps, One Hand pumps, In Shower or Bath pumps, Vibrating pumps, Travel pumps, Power pumps, Mini Head Teazer pumps, Beginners pumps, Digital pumps, Performance pumps, Silicone Sleeve pumps, Erectile Vacuum Kits, Leaver Action pumps, pumps with Vagina/Anus/Mouth attachments, pump accessories and parts. Purchase your very own penis pump today and pump up your penis!

Feeling pumped to buy a penis pump? Here is the link to take you directly to our penis pumps section: Penis pumps