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Penis Sleeves

The ‘penis sleeve’ is one of the simplest sex toy devices to enhance pleasure. It is a really basic tool. To put it simply, a penis sleeve is a sleeve for men that goes over the penis. They are usually designed to slip over the penis like a condom and can help to add considerable length and girth to the user. Many of our penis sleeves available to buy online at The Better Sex Shop have ribbing, bumps and vibrations to stimulate both the user and the receiver. Some penis sleeves feature extenders, which will help to more deeply penetrate the recipient.

Couples can really heighten their orgasms when a penis sleeve is worn as it can reach places a penis just can't. The ripples and textures stimulate and pleasure her most sensual spots, turning you into the sex god you have always wanted. The sleeve is generally made of very stretchy silicone that, when stretched to fit over the erection, can give an extra inch or two at the tip. The extra length, girth, bumps and ridges are perfect for providing extra sensations. When used by a couple, a penis sleeve is a simple and fun sex toy that can add a lot of spice to the bedroom. Experience double the pleasure by using a penis sleeve both vaginally and anally.

Penis sleeves are great for couples

If your penis is on the smaller side and you would like to please your partner better, a penis sleeve may be perfect for you. There are penis sleeves designed to enhance your erection and make it appear fatter and/or wider. There are many types of penis sleeves, and the most common type is referred to as a penis extender sleeve. This type of penis sleeve offers two features in one, as it helps increase the overall size of the penis while offering added sensations to the receiver, win win! At our online adult shop you will find several penis extender sleeves that actually mimic the look and feel of a real cock. Many guys with a below average sized penis use the penis sleeve to enhance, stimulate and pleasure their partner. It is sure to keep her happy.

Choose the right penis sleeve online

Below are some questions to ask yourself when choosing the right penis sleeve:

Here at The Better Sex Shop we stock a great range of penis sleeves to suit any need. One of our best selling sleeves, The Tommy Gunn Power Suction Penis Extension Sleeve, is moulded from male porn star Tommy Gunn. It is made of Cyberskin which gives it a super realistic look and feel. It has a penis shaped inner chamber that offers power suction to lock it onto the penis. This is one penis sleeve to make you bigger, fatter and harder! Cyberskin is a 21st century technologically advanced material designed initially by NASA. Cyberskin mimics the feel, warmth and touch of real skin. It is as close to the real thing as you can get!

Something like the Lid’l Extra Clear penis sleeve is clear in colour so it does not take away from the look of your penis. It has a ribbed head extension to make you longer, while offering slightly added girth. This is great for pleasing both you and your partner.

Extend you penis length and girth with a penis sleeve

The fun and kinky Hott Rod is a super powerful erotic sleeve that has a vibrating egg that stimulates her clitoris as he thrusts deep inside. It is super stretchy and can fit all sizes. Better yet, this penis sleeve can actually help to prolong his ejaculation, leaving both partners more satisfied! It has raised bumps on the outside for further stimulation – wow! (It also comes in clear).

One of the basics in the Silicone Lover’s Cage. Don’t be scared, it’s simply a stretchy silicone sleeve that pops on and tickles the right spots!

If you are after some serious penis sleeve action, the Dominator Vibrating Pleasure Sleeve may be perfect for you. It is designed to enhance the sensation to any orifice that it’s inserted into. It is super stretchy with stimulating bumps and a powerful vibrating bullet for total orgasmic pleasure. It is the Ferrari of penis sleeves and even has a strap to hold it on!

The Latex Vibrating Cock Pouch really does make a punch. You insert your erect penis into the penis sleeve whilst keeping your testicles in the pouch. It is made from very soft latex rubber and offers a variety of vibration settings thanks to the small vibrator attached. It increases erections and lengthens orgasms. Oh what fun!

Below are some tips for putting on your penis sleeve:

You will find quite the selection of penis sleeves available for purchase online in a range of colours, sizes, shapes and styles. Each and every penis sleeve offers different sensations and functions that can help to satisfy him and stimulate her. What ever type of penis sleeve you decide to buy, The Better Sex Shop has you covered.

Want to buy a penis sleeve online? Here is the link to take you directly to our penis sleeves section: Penis sleeves