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Restraints are just that, for restraining. Restraints in the bedroom can add some erotic fun. It can be as simple as your partner holding your arms down, but also includes being tied up, handcuffed or hogtied. Restraints have been used in love making for centuries, but what is it all about? Restraints offer a deeper level to love making, they open up a charged emotional and erotic level. In all simplicity, restraints alter the balance of power. This charges and stimulates both willing partners, that special word ‘willing’. Both partners have to be fully willing to participate in the restraining so that it is welcoming and fun, not sordid and unpleasant.

Restraints offer a range of emotional and sensual feelings. An emotional surge can immediately begin when using restraints. This can be a feeling of power, a feeling of submissiveness, a feeling of awe and wonder or a heightened feeling of touch. This heightened emotion can really send the sparks flying between couples. The erotic sensual feelings that are heightened can lead to a much more powerful orgasm for both parties even without penetrative sex.

Cuffs, collars, rope and more!

Add some mystery and eroticism to your sex life! Ankle and wrist restraints are an exciting way to explore bondage. For beginners, silk and furry cuffs and restraints can be worn around the wrists or ankles to restrain your lover and to begin your journey. Remember to always listen to your partner and stop if something makes him/her feel uncomfortable. It is a good idea to have a safe word or signal that both partners understand before you begin.

Using purpose made restraints is a great idea for couples wanting to spice up their sex life. Our range of purpose made restraints are made with fun in mind but also safety. Stay clear of police issue metal handcuffs, apart from being very heavy they tend to tighten with movement and can be tricky to remove in a hurry. Rope is another common form used in restraining but it is important the user has experience and knows how to use it correctly. Things like silk scarves and stockings can get very tight under pressure and they can be nearly impossible to untie, leaving you reaching for the scissors and then explaining those nasty marks for the next week. Things to avoid also include electrical cord, thin rope, leather twine and thread as they are also more likely to reduce circulation.

Restraints are great for couples to use in bed

Things to keep in mind when using restraints of any kind are:

Sensual bondage is a more gentle type of BDSM that involves softer fabrics and feels, and usually focuses on the wrists. A safe bet for beginners is a simple pair of cuffs with a comfortable lining. For additional comfort, choose cuffs that are secured with snaps, buckles or Velcro. In many styles, there are excess ties to secure on bedposts, headboards, doorknobs or any other secure area that could withstand pressure from weight. Metal handcuffs are good for rougher play, but tend to be abrasive around the wrists. For sensual play, avoid metal and thin straps that may be too tight and difficult to untie.

Buy your very own restraints online now

For rougher play, you will find spreading sets, hog ties, spiked collar and leashes, cuffs for doors, paddles with cuffs, and for the inventive man or woman, sex tape to be restrained creatively! If you like it rough, feel free to use metal cuffs, rope ties or leather ties. Even if you are advanced in BDSM, make sure you execute safe practices to ensure a mutually pleasurable experience. Do not leave a bound person alone unless it is part of the play. Most importantly, keep open lines of communication with your partner to make sure that all parties are comfortable and not experiencing any numbness or unwanted discomfort.

When you restrain your partner or are being restrained, it is important to be cognizant of too-tight restraints, which can cut off circulation and cause undue pain, interrupting your lovemaking. To avoid this, be careful with thin ties that can become knotted, and avoid restraining someone in the standing position as it puts pressure on the restraints.

Starting out, you may want to consider using ties that are easy to get out of so that you can move around and try new things. A Velcro tie or an easy buckle would facilitate this. If you are more advanced and are comfortable staying in a position for a long period of time, ropes with special knots or sex tape may be good alternatives for you.

If you are exploring sensual BDSM or are a seasoned BDSM player, restraint and dom/sub play is a wonderful way to explore fantasies and define boundaries in your relationship…or push them! You will find a large selection of products at our online adult shop which will have you exploring your BDSM desires like never before. From wirst cuffs to ankle cuffs, Japanese love rope to spreader bars, you are sure to find something you, and your lover, will absolutely love.

Does the thought of our restraints turn you on? Here is the link to take you directly to our restraints section: Restraints