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Sex Swings

Ever pictured yourself swinging from the rafters, engaging in jaw dropping feats of vertical sex? Or would you just like an apparatus that will enable you to try a multitude of positions that you have been fantasising about? The sex swing might just be for you! A sex swing can be a harness style swing that hangs from the ceiling in your bedroom, an a-frame style support swing or even a harness to wear to help support and distribute weight so that mind blowing positions can be achieved. These swings and slings have been designed with erotic sex in mind, so there may be foot loops, stirrups, hand loops, access holes and bondage points. They are purpose-designed and can be made using nylon, nylon webbing, canvas, leather, neoprene, rubber, steel or wood, but the idea is the same. Sex swings can be hung from ceilings, door frames, free standing or even worn.

All of these types of sex swings are designed to give free access to your partners body. Both partners have the ability to move in ways that wouldn’t be possible with conventional sex. Pressure is applied to other areas of the body and sensations are different and more exciting. We even have a swing that rotates 360 degrees. Twist, spin and explore all of the possibilities!

A variety of sex swings for couples

There are a few different kinds of sex swings available to buy online at The Better Sex Shop so let’s start with the type that needs no installation. The Fantasy Glide is one of our favourite sex swings with an incredible self-powered gliding movement for amazing sex. It has no cords, no batteries and no complicated machinery. It simply works using your own energy and movements. With each stroke of the Fantasy Glide spring, the pogo-style pleasure rod reaches spots you never knew existed. Focus on those targeted spots with ease and get direct stimulation where you want it most. Fantasy Glide allows beginners to enjoy difficult positions usually reserved for the athletically gifted and sexually advanced. Try new positions you never thought were possible and do it all with greater ease. The Fantasy Glide is perfect for seductive solo play and even better when a partner is involved. The Fantasy Glide swing won't damage your favourite furniture either, thanks to the rubber stopper on the base of the pleasure-pole that won't scuff your headboards, floors, doors or walls. With almost no effort, the Fantasy Glide slides up and down, creating a lifelike rhythm and movement that you can fully adjust to your liking.

In our sex swings section there are also devices like the Ultra Inflatable Position Master. Indulge in your wildest fantasies with this Inflatable Position Master. The slanted, flocked design allows you to relax in any position without sliding off, while the EZ-Grip love handles are perfect for maintaining difficult positions without losing your rhythm. When the fun is over, simply deflate the Position Master and it's ready to go where you go. It's perfect for those romantic getaways and no one will know what’s in your bag! Do it all with greater ease... no matter what position you're in! Also stocked are harnesses like the Do It Doggie Harness, which is a velvety-soft harness that cradles your lover, while the durable, adjustable handles give you the grip you desire.

Sex swings for your door

You will also find a selection of door swings, perfect to hide away for a sexy day. Our Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing will turn an ordinary door in your home into a love swing in just minutes. Enjoy positions you never thought were possible and do it all with ease, thanks to the padded seat cradle, comfortable stirrups and perfectly-placed leverage handles. The deluxe swing requires no permanent installation or expensive tools and holds up to 130kg. Using two heavy-duty metal tubes to hang the swing from, the swings fits in your door jamb, between the frame and the door itself. The heavy-duty nylon support straps feature cross-stitching and are fully adjustable, allowing you to explore a variety of positions. Sit down on the padded seat, place your feet in the stirrups, and enjoy a wild ride! Best of all, you don't need a strong ceiling or fancy tools to get this door swing swinging into action. It sets up in minutes and easily tucks away in the closet or under the bed when the fun is over. Take it with you on vacation and turn your hotel into the ultimate bondage playground!

Getting more erotic is the free-standing Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Swing with Stand. With the incredible Fantasy Swing you’ll be swinging your sex life back into action in no time at all! Installation is quick and easy and requires only a few common tools. The swing now comes with a free-standing stand so no hooks in the ceiling or doorframe. Turn any room in your home into a sex playground with the incredible Fantasy Swing Stand. Don't worry about drilling holes in the ceiling ever again – the free-standing Fantasy Swing Stand holds up to 400 lbs and works with any of our single-support Fetish Fantasy Swings. The heavy-duty tubular steel frame provides plenty of stability and freedom of movement, allowing you to explore new positions you never thought were possible and swing your way into ecstasy. The wide-standing frame assembles in less than 10 minutes with the provided assembly tool. No additional tools are required. The sturdy frame features built-in "Bondage Loops", allowing you to connect a variety of your favourite Fetish Fantasy bondage restraints, cuffs and ties to create exciting new bondage scenarios. You can instantly transform your ordinary sex swing into an amazing "Bondage Swing" by utilizing these built-in steel loops - the possibilities for pleasure are endless!

The frame also provides extra support for trying new positions in the swing. Both partners can use the heavy-duty overhead bars and crossbars for added support, leverage, and to help maintain balance in the swing. Without a swing attached, the stand can serve as a bondage brace to hold your subject in captivity. When you’re done with the stand, the component parts break down easily in less than 10 minutes and can be stored or transported with ease. All necessary assembly hardware is included.

Swing into a better sex life with a sex swing

Swing into difficult sexual positions you never imagined with the world's first ever Yoga Sex Swing. With the aid of the Yoga Sex Swing, you can defy the laws of gravity and enjoy sexual positions you never thought were possible, without special strength, balance or agility. The versatile swing allows you to move into a range of yoga positions both in the horizontal and vertical planes, strengthening and stretching virtually every muscle in the body required for amazing sex. The Yoga Sex Swing improves flexibility, increases stamina, builds core muscles and gets you in shape for satisfying sex. Now, ordinary couples can use yoga to perform the most difficult, most stimulating sexual positions ever imagined—and reap the benefits and pleasures they arouse! Enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions and explore your deepest fantasies. 

Try new sexual positions that would normally require tremendous exertion and skill, and execute them with ease! You and your lover will be amazed how easy it really is to find the optimum angle to achieve deep penetration with minimal exertion. Sex in these challenging positions has never felt so good — and never been so effortless! For the ultimate comfort and enjoyment, swing into action and let your imagination run wild! The swing is easy to assemble and installs in minutes in your ceiling, using only a few common tools. Holding almost 130kg’s it needs to be installed by locating a beam in your ceiling and installing a large hook.

Sex swings can add another physical dimension to your lovemaking. Choosing the right swing is fun. Normally how much space you have and ease of installation dictate which one will work in your bedroom, lounge room, bathroom.. where ever you decide to set it up!

Have a browse, get your fantasies aroused and take a look at our range of sex swings, slings and harnesses. Rest assured that your privacy will always be protected with our express delivery, inconspicuous billing and our plain delivery boxes with no mention of our sex shop or adult products. Do something you have only fantasized about and buy a sex swing online from The Better Sex Shop.

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