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Sex Toy Cleaners

Another part of being a responsible, sexually active person is practicing good hygiene during and after sex. STI’s can live on sex toys and other surfaces for several hours or days, and they can be transmitted through sharing toys even if you are not having penetrative sex.

Glass and some silicone products can often be dish washed or hand washed with warm water (make sure to check your product packaging before dishwashing.) One of the greatest benefits of harder, non-porous toys is that they’re easily washable. Most cleaners will be effective on both types of toy.

More non-porous toys such as jelly, cyberskin and some softer silicone need to be cleaned with gentler products and extra care. For these, we carry antibacterial toy cleaner spray and all-purpose wipes. Carefully clean these products by hand with a soft towel or a wipe to prevent damage or tearing.