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Sex Toy Kits

Want to have a little bit of fun? Want it in a nice little package?  Are you getting married and want to have some explosive sex on your honeymoon? Want to try a variety of things, but need some guidance about what to choose? Sex toy kits offer the whole package to occupy you for the entire night without having to pick out all of the individual components. They’re cheaper, too! There is a kit to suit almost all styles and budgets, all you have to do is decide what type of night you’d like to have. Many couples have restored their sexual drive and intimacy with a sex toy kit and discovered pleasures they have never experienced before. With our range of sex toy kits you can enjoy the benefits of a variety of items at a fraction of the cost. You can easily choose a range or style of kit without any hassles, all from the comfort of your home.

Sex toy kits are just that, a fun kit of sex toys and accessories to enhance your pleasures with your partner. There are lovely romantic baskets of simple goodies right up to the more serious fetish kits. The idea behind a ‘kit’ is to provide a selection of sex toys, dildo’s, anal beads or bondage tools that would ‘go together’ so that you don’t need to individually purchase these toys. Some include lubricant, some include instructions, and some kits have a selection of similar items. What ever type of sex toy kit you are after, you are sure to find it here at The Better Sex Shop.

Sex toy kits are great for couples

There are sex toy kits for a romantic getaway with body chocolate, eye masks, rose petals and massage oils for that little escape. Try a bit of simple fun with a quickie kit that has a condom, a vibrating cock ring, some lube and fun positions card.

There is also a wide variety of fetish and bondage kits. With a domination and submission kit, you can play out your elaborate fantasies and explore role-play in an intense and intimate way. Many of these kits come with cuffs, whips, leashes, collars, and masks. Some even have paddles, ball gags and ankle restraints. You can be the dominatrix and then sink into submission! Enjoy switching roles with your partner.

For beginners to anal play, we have beginner’s kits with smaller adult toys and anal beads. For the more experienced player, we have anal kits that include butt plugs, vibrators and lubricants. Whether you are seasoned in anal play or curious, we can help deliver your fantasy.

If you are getting married, we have several wedding and honeymoon kits, all of which contain a diverse and enticing collection of fun toys. Our White Wedding Kit includes a water-proof, multispeed vibrator, a multi-speed bullet, a cock ring, anal beads, a rabbit sleeve, Duo-ton Balls, a penis sleeve, love dice, a feather tickler, lube and a mask. Experience you husband or wife in a new way as you choose from all of the things that you can try. This particular kit offers a variety of different items to quench any sexual desire.

Save money with a sex toy kit

Such sex toy kits can be elaborate or quite simple. There are kits for travel, kits for lovers, glowing kits, bondage kits, kits with lots of toys and kits which cater for the extremist.

Help with choosing a kit:

Sex toy kits can enhance you and your partners sexual pleasure, can intensify your orgasms, can create heightened intimacy between you and your partner, can create new pleasures but most of all, can add a bit of fun and spark back into the bedroom. Whether you are looking to please him or to please her, there is a sex toy kit that will have you shouting for more!

Vibrator kits, anal kits, bondage kits and more!

Whether you are looking for a variety of vibrators, want to prepare for a special occasion, are trying something new or just want to be able to bust out an arsenal of awesome sex toys at the drop of a hat, sex toy kits are a great alternative to choosing all of the individual components yourself. Shop with confidence at our online adult shop knwoing your sex toy kit, and any item for that matter, will always be delivered in a plain, discreet package to protect your privacy.

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