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Sex Toys

Sex toys are objects or devices used to aid in sexual pleasure. What is classified as a sex toy ranges all the way from dildos to sex furniture. If you can imagine it, it is probably out there somewhere! There is a good chance you will find it for sale here at our online sex toy shop. Some are even ancient and have evolved over centuries of use.

Sex toys can be an exciting way to change up a sexual routine, dabble in something you have never tried or explore the possibilities with a partner. There is no stigma attached to gender. Sex toys are meant to be used by both women and men. There are, however, sex toys that are used best for specific play. P-spot ticklers, for example, would best be used on or between men.

One of the most exciting things about sex toys, apart from their huge diversity and range, is that they can be used by just about anyone (over 18 of course). Sex toys don't care if you're female, male, gay, straight, single or in a relationship. They will always be there to care for you in your time of need. We do however, have sex toys aimed at each type of customer. We have sex toys for women that can tickle the clitoris, sex toys for men that will increase the length of your man hood, sex toys for lesbians that allow double the pleasures and sex toys for couples that will have you both up all night. The list could go on and on.

Sex toy types

More generally, there are sex toys designed for a type of play. For softer sex, there are feather ticklers, gentle vibrators and silk cuffs/restraints. These can be a good introduction to something like bondage. We have a huge selection of fetish and bondage toys, including whips, ball gags and a multitude of other options for dominant/submissive play.

If you and your partner decide to use an adult toy that is intended for insertion, there are ways to make the introduction of a new element into your sex life easier. Lubricant is very important in order to ease the recipient into the process; it is no longer a drag and a sticky mess during sex. With options now incorporating aspects like cooling and warming, glow in the dark, flavoured, and pheromone, you can ease into something you have never tried in an exciting way, awakening all of your senses at once.

Adult toys and sex furniture come in about every material imaginable. Each has its pros and cons, and it is important to communicate with you partner about what you both want and need. With this in mind, you can choose the most suitable option for optimal pleasure!

Glass sex toys, often shaped like dildos and used for insertion, come in many shapes, sizes and functions. Those shaped like dildos often are realistic feeling, and come in medium to extra large sizes. Other toys have beads or ridges incorporated for extra internal pleasure. Some of our glass toys even vibrate and strap on! Regardless of the function, glass toys are great choices for people that want to play rough, heat or cool the toy, have the sex toy for a lifetime or have the ability to clean with ease. Because of their heat tolerance, most glass toys can even go through the dishwasher!

Rubber toys are much more porous, and more difficult to clean. Their benefit, however, is that they are not as rigid as glass, and provide a more realistic feel and experience. The slight malleability of rubber makes it a good choice for strap ons and dildos, as they maintain structural integrity while offering enough flexibility to feel real and amazing.

Sex toys come in a range of sizes and materials

Silicone sex toys are much like rubber, but a little more stiff and durable. These are also good options for dildos and strap ons, and although they are slightly less flexible than rubber, they are easier to clean and do not break or tear easily. They can be washed with warm water and mild soap.

Cyberskin replicates the realistic, soft look and feel of human skin, and is a great choice for masturbators and dolls. The skin is extremely delicate, and it needs to be handled with care. Cyberskin should not be heated or cooled, and should be cleaned carefully with a soft wash cloth.

Sex toys are not limited to these materials. Harnesses and fetish clothing are often made of leather or PVC, dildos and vibrators are often plastic, Ben Wa balls and some dildos are made of stainless steel or other metals, and several of our 3000 products are made of pliable jelly.

When shopping online at our sex toy shop for adult toys, have peace of mind that your item will be a 100% genuine product. We only ever source quality products from reputable suppliers from all over the world. Believe it or not, many of our sex toys are actually made in USA. You can be sure of quality, without the need for ridiculously overpriced products.

Sex toy shop Australia

Based in Australia, The Better Sex shop offers one of the widest varieties of sex toys on the web. You never have to be embarrassed in another store again! From the comfort of your own home, make your fantasies come to fruition and rest assured that your billing information is private and that our express postage is discreet. And better yet, express postage is free when you spend over $200!

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