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Anal Douches

Our range of anal douches will ensure your anal play is as clean as can be. Anal douches are essential for preparing the anus before anal activity. Enjoy our range of anal douches and enema kits available to buy online that will have you enjoying anal like never before.

Top 10 Best Selling Anal Douches For Today

Glow In The Dark Pecker Ring Toss Regular Blue Tin 6's Action Hero (6.25" Flesh) Pirate 96 Mini Pecker Party Candles Naked Larger 12's Warming Massage Oil (Chocolate) Magnitude 8 Kit (Pink) Sexpaper Best Of 1996 Busen Extra 60
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Douch Travel 2Ltr
Instructions For Use: The bag has to be hung at the height that is comforatble for you to use but high enough to allow the liquid to flow freely. Screw the tube into the bottom of the bag. ..
RRP: $49.95 $39.95
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Enema Higginson Syringe
Instructions For Use: Place end with valve in liquid to be used Rectal nozzle is already attached to opposite end of tube and is ready for insertion If you wish to use vaginal nozzle slide ..
RRP: $34.95 $32.99
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Enema Syringe
Durable Soft Pump & Hose. Double Sided Anal/Vaginal Plastic Tip. Male & Female Use. ..
RRP: $34.95 $21.95
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Uni-Sex Travel Douche
Compact & convienent kit that contains everything you would need to prepare yourself for anal pleasures. ..
RRP: $34.95 $19.99
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Enema kits and anal douche supplies

Anal sex feels incredible for everyone involved and is something that every couple should definitely try once in their lives. But while anal sex might feel great, the unfortunate reality is that it can also get somewhat messy. This problem is compounded if you don't take proper care to ensure your clear down there before you begin. For this reason, it's very important to use anal douching if you want to make the experience as pleasant and enjoyable for both parties as possible.

Douching is required whenever you intend to go deep and that includes 'solo excursions' with our anal dildos if you want to stay hygienic and avoid making a mess. Douche and enema kits allow you to empty out your anal canal with a little water and some lube and this will ensure that you're perfectly clean and ready to go ahead before you begin. This is a very important way to ensure that you can avoid embarrassing accidents and can actually be a relatively pleasant experience in itself.

Then just find the right anal lube – we have a large variety available – and you're ready to go! An anal douche might not be the most glamorous thing in the world but it's an important requirement and well worth it for the fun that follows! Check out our Guide to Anal Toys for tips on choosing the best anal toy.