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Male Prostate Toys

Buy prostate massagers for men online at The Better Sex Shop and enjoy anal sensations like no other. They are shaped to provide intense prostate pleasures that will give you a mighty orgasm. Choose a shape, colour and design that suits you. Shop online now.

Top 10 Best Selling Male Prostate Toys For Today

Silky Smooth Lubricant (100g) Gems - Hand Job Stroker (Green) Regular 24's Luxe Silicone Lubricant (100mL) Pocket Rocket (White) Slimline Buttplug (Clear) Naked Closer Fit 12's BNEAR - Classic (Berry) Silicone Classic Viking (Pink) Anal Sex 118
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Buy prostate toys for men online

A prostate massage is one of the fastest and most effective ways to bring any man quickly to orgasm. And seeing as many men won't have experienced a prostate massage, this can also provide many guys with a completely unique experience.

Just as women can be brought to intense orgasms via the g-spot, so too can the prostate do the same for men. This is an intense and powerful orgasm that's different from the kind many men are used to, so if you've never tried it before it's definitely something to add to your bucket list! And for those guys who are familiar with the feeling of a prostate massage or 'prostate milking', you'll be in no need of convincing that this is something you should try and do regularly.

Our prostate massagers make it as easy as possible to bring yourself to climax via the prostate and especially when combined with one of our lubricants. We have prostate toys that come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs and all of these can help to give you a slightly different experience.

Male prostate toys can be great fun in the bedroom too and are perfect for those couples who want to try something new! Check out our Anal Sex Toys Guide for tips on choosing the best toy for you.