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Mouth Masturbators

Shop online for oral strokers and mouth masturbators available to buy online at The Better Sex Shop. From realistic mouth and tongue strokers to full sized faces, you are bound to find a masturbation toy you will love. Grab the lube, grab your toy and get to work!

Top 10 Best Selling Mouth Masturbators For Today

Disposable Pecker Cupcake Pan (2 Pieces) Dicky Sipping Straws (Glow) Blow Pop (Lavender) Party Utensils (30pc Set) Gems - Hand Job Stroker (Green) SKYN 20's Lid'l Extra (Clear) Christina's Touch Magneto Vibrating Cockring (Black) Pin The Widget On The Midget
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Vibrating Deep Throat UR3 Stroker (Flesh)
Sasha Grey is the world’s hottest porn star turned mainstream sensation, and she can’t wait to suck you off! This lifelike UR3® masturbator, molded directly from Sasha herself, has a single ..
RRP: $84.95 $74.99
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Magic Flesh - Mouth Style (Flesh)
This ultra-stretchable mouth-style masturbator has an insertable multispeed bullet, and a variable multi speed controller. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). ..
RRP: $64.95 $39.99
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CyberSkin Stroker Triplets
Three different strokers: juicy mouth, soft pussy, or tight ass Strokers are compact for easy grip and on-the-go discretion Virtual Touch® CyberSkin® looks and feels like soft, smooth, rea..
RRP: $69.95 $63.99
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Palm Pal - Ur3 Mouth (Flesh)
Nothing should come between you and your Palm Pals-- except for your cock! Available in White, these Pussy, Mouth and Ass-shaped masturbators are as lifelike as they come. Made of our ultra-..
RRP: $29.95 $23.99
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CyberSkin Translucent Stroker Triplets
Three strokers: juicy mouth, soft pussy, tight ass. Compact strokers fit in the palm of your hand. Virtual Touch CyberSkin feels super realistic. Snug, ribbed tunnels are open at both ends. ..
RRP: $54.95 $49.99
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Choosing the best oral masturbator

Our range of masturbators offer some of the best experiences for men on the market. Each of these products provides an intensely pleasurable sensation that is also completely unique and unlike anything else you will have experienced. When such pleasure is so readily available, why deny yourself?

Mouth masturbators are masturbators designed to look like mouths and to simulate the experience of oral sex. They provide an incredibly soft interior that applies gentle pressure in all the right places and massages your shaft all the way to the base (it's even better with lubrication). And unlike most real blowjobs, you get to set the pace and go as hard and fast as you want. If you're a fan of getting blowjobs (and who isn't?) then now you can get that experience whenever you want – and probably even better.

Mouth masturbators can also be great fun in the bedroom where a partner can decide exactly how you're going to use them. This is a great form of foreplay and also a great way to finish – and your partner's jaw will probably appreciate the break! They're also great gifts for men if you're a liberal kind of partner.

All of our mouth masturbators offer the very best sensation and are designed to maximize your pleasure to the fullest. Check out our Masturbators Guide for tips on getting the most out of your sex toy.