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Sex Swings

Swing into a better sex life by purchasing a sex swing online from The Better Sex Shop. Our range of sex swings are great for couples to use and are super easy to install. Use your swing all over the house and enjoy sexual positions you have never experienced before.

Top 10 Best Selling Sex Swings For Today

BNEAR - Classic (Berry) Busen Extra 61 Christina's Escapade Silicone Bodyglide Premium - Pop Top Bottle (125g) Black 6's Sexpaper Best Of 1996 April Flores Voluptuous Pussy (Flesh) Nuda White Tin 6's Sexy Cooler Ice Tray Glow In The Dark Pecker Ring Toss
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Swing into a better sex life with a sex swing

You'll be the master of swingers with our great range of sex swings, all perfectly designed to improve your sex life and help you get a little more experimental in the bedroom.

Basically a sex swing is a type of harness that allows you to pull off some more adventurous and exotic movements. We have traditional swings, door swings and body swings and all of them can help you to increase your comfort and reach new heights.

In this category you'll also find our doggie harness and a variety of swings with anal plugs and dildos built in. And for those who are interested, it's worth bearing in mind that sex swings can make for some great workouts!

For couples, the best sex toys are those that get you to try new things and explore your sexuality with your partner. That's exactly what the sex swing does, helping you to discover new sexual positions that will heighten your pleasure while keeping the focus squarely on you. Sometimes it can take a few failed attempts to find the positions that work best for you but that's definitely part of the appeal. There are few sex toys that provide this much fun and that's a great thing! Check out our Sex Swings Guide for more information on the benefits sex swings can bring.