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A vibrator is a popular, motorized sex toy used to stimulate the body and skin for a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Some vibrators are shaped specifically for stimulation of the clitoris, some for anal play and some just for general fun! No matter what type of vibrator you decide to buy, it is sure to bring a lot of pleasure! Some of the first vibrators appeared in France as early as the 1700’s, and they have since gained increasing popularity and product diversification.

Our range of vibrators is ever growing, and you will find quite the selection available to buy online here at The Better Sex Shop. From blue to pink, smooth to textured, big to small, we have vibrators to cater for any sexual need. They are perfect to be used by yourself for solo play, and even better when used with your partner. They each offer unique sensations which can drive you and your lover wild.

Clitoral vibrators, like the versatile vibrating bullet, can be used either to stimulate the clitoris alone, or be placed in the vagina for deep, pulsating pleasure. This particular vibrator features an ultra-stretchy and amazingly soft removable silicone sleeve, an LED display, a push button on/off, and an ultra 10 digital program function list, which includes slow, medium, fast, escalating, multi-esclating, pulsating, multi-pulsating, multi-pulse plus, repeating plus and repeating escalating settings. How can you go wrong with so many options?

Other bullet vibrators we offer for sale online have less features, but that doesn't mean they can't provide unreal pleasures. Sometimes the simpler, more affordable bullet vibes can pleasure you in ways others can't. It all depends on the user and what feelings and sensations they hope to get from their toy.

Over 800 vibrators to buy online

Some vibrators are dildo-shaped, designed for a deep, intense and filling orgasm. Many of these feature a moveable arm for clitoral or anal stimulation. These come in a variety of materials, including plastic, silicone, rubber, vinyl and latex. Some are even double-ended so that you can experience total anal and vaginal stimulation simultaneously! Many offer unreal vibrations in the clitoral stimulator and the shaft, offering a double dose of orgasmic pleasures.

These rabbit vibrators are favoured with the seasoned sex toy collector due to their ability to target many erogenous areas at the same time. Most of these are basically two vibrators, one intended to stimulate the vagina and the other intended to stimulate the clitoris. Most of these are made from jelly, rubber or silicone, and most are available in large and small sizes and a multitude of colours and price points. Some rabbits can be purchased for as little as $24.99! Most offer a rotating shaft with beads, which can be controlled easily by the user so they can focus on the task at hand.

If you want to enjoy your new vibrating sex toy in the bathtub, shower, pool or hot tub, never fear! We have over 500 waterproof vibrators for even the most discerning customers. Enjoy the Euphora Bliss, a heavenly massager designed by women, for women. It is made of pure, body-safe silicone and has an amazingly silky smooth finish. The Euphora Bliss vibrator has simple controls and seven vibrating settings that are truly quiet. The smooth clitoral stimulator is incredibly soft and flexible to bend to your body. It is battery-less, completely rechargeable and features 7 vibrating settings to suit your desired level of intensity. Even better, it comes with a charger to provide 50 minutes of uninterrupted, cordless bliss!

The best vibrator shop

We carry smooth vibrators for a friction-less orgasm, but we also carry realistic and ribbed vibrators. Ribbed vibrators allow for some friction to intensify pleasure. Realistic vibrators, complete with veins, can be used to simulate sex as closely as possible. They can look and feel like a real cock, only better! While some cocks may go limp and unsatisfy you, your realistic vibrator is always there to lend a helping hand. Most of all, they offer unreal vibrations too!

Bullet and G-spot vibrators can be used for direct clitoral stimulation or can be inserted in the vagina to penetrate the hard-to-reach G-spot. For a secret and special way to share your pleasure with your partner, we have many bullets operated by remote control. These remote controlled vibrating bullets are perfect to add some spice to your next shopping trip. Why not pleasure your lover when they are about to pay for their groceries? The cashier may wonder why you are smirking so smuggly! Or even better, make dinner with the in laws a bit more exciting by bringing your remote bullet along.

Deluxe vibrators are options for those who need the maximum amount of stimulation in the most places possible. These are for those adventurous ladies that have to have it all! One of our best selling options, the Mini Rabbit, is equipped with swirling beads, a vibrating clit teaser, a textured shaft and it is safe for underwater adventures. For an intense, full body orgasm, a deluxe vibrator from our hundreds of options cannot be beat! They usually offer 'deluxe' features, ranging from the best materials, multi function vibrating options and their waterproof capabilities.

Vibrators are great for women and couples

Whether you are looking to add a little spice to your lovemaking routine or totally shake up your sex life, let a vibrator be your favourite guest star in the bedroom! With over 800 quality vibrators available for discreet purchase online, The Better Sex Shop is your one and only stop for your vibrator needs. Our vibrator collection is ever growing, and we are always adding new and exciting vibrators to our collection. If you need a quality vibrator that will make you or your lover squeal, you are sure to find it here.

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