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Whipping is not always the perverse, violent and aggressive vision most people assume. For decades throughout history whipping has time and again been linked to exciting erotic pleasures. As early as the 5th Century BC, where two men are depicted on the inside of a tomb sexually and erotically using a whip on a woman, the term flagellation was born. This term ‘flagellation’ is commonly used to describe the erotic whipping of a subject using whips, lashes, rods, sticks or twine. Sexual whipping or flagellation has always appeared in the pages of history. The ancient Egyptians used a whipping ceremony called Isis to pay respect to the gods where the wives and women were whipped, the Romans whipped their wives during Lupercalia festival to drive out spirits and increase fertility and health. The Romans and the Egyptians believed that spanking or whipping a woman on the bottom made them more fertile. The ancient practice of spanking was found in almost all cultures, the French believed that whipping or flagellating a male made him more fertile and caused arousal and was a cure for male impotence as the whipping made most men erotically aroused.

Where ever the beliefs originated, whipping has been a part of society and sexual excitement for hundreds of years. You can find it doctrined in the writings of Herodotus and in the writings from a doctor in Napoleons army. Whipping can be an exciting way to arouse your partner and create heightened orgasms. It does not have to be a violent flogging but can be a gentle arousal tool. The sensation of light pain gets a lot of people seriously aroused, it sends a flow of raging endorphins through the body which in turn stimulates the sexual organs.

Whips are great for kinky couples to use

The sensation of whipping does not initially have to be a violent or painful experience, but rather a sensuous and exciting game. Most couples start their whipping experience with gentle paddling/whipping to the buttocks or back. This can be done in very soft taps or strokes. Both partners MUST agree and it has to be a consensual act for it to be enjoyed.

Each type of whip feels very different and has its own effect. Whips need to feel like an extension of your arm and your energy, not just a tool for inflicting pain. Some whips are thick and have a thud like effect whilst some are thin and have a sting like effect. There are also paddles made out of different materials (silicone, plastic or wood) which can also excite without much pain. Some couples like to unite whipping with bondage for added arousal.

At The Better Sex Shop you will find a multitude of different whips, paddles and floggers available to buy discreetly online. Some are for striking, some are for stinging, some are for thudding, some are for arousal and some are for massage. You will find whips with interchangeable parts and you can get them in kits with other bondage style accessories to get more bang for your buck. A whipping fantasy is a very common fantasy and millions of couples worldwide have found an added erotic level to their love making by introducing whipping.

Whips, paddles, floggers and crops for pleasure or pain

There are a few types of whips for both soft and rough play. A flogger is a standard term for a multi-tailed whip. It comes in all shapes, colours, sizes and textures. Some have a detachable handle so you can change the type of whip easily. It can be used not only to incite pain but can also have soft lashes which feel soft and sensuous on bare skin. These floggers can be used to whip your lover for a bit of pain, or for a softer, caressing touch.

Crops are thin, long whips with a small, decorated end (often feathers or a paddle). You can vary the amount of force with a quick or hard flick of your wrist, and they can be used for sensual or rough play. For more pain, choose a whip with a sturdy handle that your whole hand covers. For a lighter touch, choose a crop with a feather tickler end.

If you are looking for a more simple option, you will find both silicone and leather paddles. Some paddles have raised exciters to stimulate you even further. Use a softer or more flexible material if you are just getting started. Leather, larger paddles and paddles with thicker handles are best for hard-core BDSM and other fetish play.

Shop online discreetly for all your whipping needs

When shopping for a whip, paddle or flogger keep the following in mind:

With a wide range of choices available online at The Better Sex Shop, you can find the sweet spot for the amount of pain or pleasure you are seeking. Try something new and explore fetish play with your partner. Make it hurt so good!

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